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Deception Point by Dan Brown
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Jun 18, 2008

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NASA had its heyday back in the 60s with the launching of manned missions, the landing on the moon, etc. However, how much is really heard from NASA these days? This lack of productivity is what Senator Sedgwick Sexton is focusing on his presidential bid against incumbent Zach Herney. What Sexton doesn't know is that Herney has an ace in his sleeve in the form of a meteor that was found in the Arctic Circle by a NASA Earth-scanning satellite that contains fossils of space creatures. And, with the help of civilian scientists and Sexton's own daughter, Rachel, an analyst with the National Reconnaisance Office (NRO), Herney will use this information to bury Sexton and bolster the failing public perception of NASA. However, just after claiming that the meteor is legit, Rachel and scientist Michael Tolland start to uncover some signs that their data may not be the most reliable and that one helluva large government conspiracy may be afoot. This was definitely a decent thriller with more than its fair share of twists and turns as well as a pretty good overview of how several intelligence agencies may or may not operate. However, I found myself able to predict a lot of what would happen. And I hate when I can do that. It ruins the remainder of the novel for me as little plot points come up that just further confirm my theories. I gotta stop thinking so much.

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