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Mourning Tide by Christine Kling
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Mourning Tide by Christine Kling is book 5 of the Seychelle Sullivan mystery series, set in contemporary Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Together with her partner B.J., Seychelle is dedicated to raising their adopted son Nestor. Nestor's father was murdered, his mother Catalina died giving birth. Seychelle's top priority is keeping Nestor safe, so she turns down salvage assignments that seem potentially dangerous.

Raising an old wreck that has drifted into the mainstream of a river, a hazard to other boats, seems straightforward. She sets out on her salvage boat Gorda to tow in the wreck, with "co-captain" Nestor and her trusty dog Abaco. As the wreck rises, she discovers human bones aboard. Suddenly she's in the middle of a crime scene again. Seychelle wants to leave crime detection up to law enforcement, but when her friends are endangered, she must act. The victim from the wreck is Grace, a friend's daughter. Seychelle is consumed by guilt that she didn't save the girl years ago. She leaves Nestor in B.J.'s capable care, and investigates the events back when Grace went missing. She learns disturbing facts about a cult evangelist and his employees, many of whom go missing or die "accidentally".

On a cruise in the Bahamas with B.J. and Nestor, Seychelle has a double agenda: quality time with her family, but also to keep tabs on the evangelist. When Seychelle, B.J. and Nestor are kidnapped, Seychelle must outwit a desperate and clever killer to save her family.

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