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Hallowed by Cynthia Hand
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Dec 17, 2011

it was amazing
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Quick & Dirty: Great sequel filled with great romance, heartbreak, loss and adventure. It was one of my favorite reads from 2012.

Opening Sentence: In the dream, there’s sorrow.

The Review:

Clara and everyone she loved survived through the fire. She fulfilled her destiny right? Turns out there is more that is required of her. She gets a new vision where she is at a funeral of someone she really cares about, but she doesn’t know who. She soon has a visit from her long time absent father and she finds out that her mom and dad kept a lot of secrets. As she struggles to figure out what her vision means, she has to figure out what she is really meant to do with her life.

She is also torn between two amazing guys. She is madly in love with Tucker and they are really happy, but she fears that being part angel may tear them apart. Tucker is totally human and at times Clara feels that he deserves to live a normal life with a normal girl. Then there is the mysterious Christian, her vision didn’t quite turn out how she expected. She has always been drawn to Christian, but she can’t help that she is in love with someone else. This doesn’t stop Christian from trying to win Clara’s heart. He cares about her deeply and feels that she is his destiny, so he will try everything to make her see that he is the right guy for her. As Clara struggles with the pending doom of losing someone she loves, she soon realizes that her life is going to be full of hard choices that she’s not sure she is ready to make.

Clara really grows throughout Hallowed. As her heritage starts to unfold Clara realizes that being an Angel-blood isn’t exactly what she thought. There are some amazing things and some really hard things that come with the job. As she struggles to deal with her pending loss she starts to shut down and push people away. Soon she realizes that letting people in will help her to deal with the pain and loss she goes through. She also needs to figure out what is worth fighting for and what she needs to learn to let go. She is an amazing character and I am excited to see where her journey leads her.

Christian has become a more constant figure in Clara’s life. As she gets to know him better they become friends. He understands Clara on a level that others will never understand. He is also an angel-blood and their destiny is intertwined. As you get to know Christian better that awkwardness that I felt between him and Clara in Unearthly starts to disintegrate. Christian really comes to care about Clara and he puts up a pretty good fight for her. I think that he is a sweet guy, but in the end I still feel that they aren’t right for each other.

I really can’t say enough good things about Tucker. I mean honestly, I have said this before but he really is perfect. He is just a good person all around. He loves Clara unconditionally, even though she is different. Clara starts to push Tucker away because she is worried that it’s his funeral she is attending in her vision. She knows that it is dangerous for humans to get too close to angel-bloods, but she loves Tucker. Clara has to decide if she is willing to risk Tucker’s life for the chance to be with him. Tucker is an amazing guy and I really hope that he and Clara end up together.

Hallowed is an amazing sequel to Unearthly. The character development was so well done and the plot got more intriguing. Hand answered a lot of questions, but she also posed a lot more. The flow was great and honestly I couldn’t put the book down. The book had great romance, heartbreak, and some good action. I really can’t wait to finish out the series. I would highly recommend this series to anyone that enjoys YA Paranormal, it will not disappoint.

Notable Scene:

All I can do is stay along for the ride and observe. Now that I know this is a cemetery, that this is a funeral procession, it seems so obvious. Everybody’s wearing dark clothes. I notice gravestones scattered around the trees. I try to pay attention to more than the grief raging in my head, my own grief, I think, not Samjeeza’s.

It’s spring, I quickly figure out. The leaves on the trees, the grass, are new green. The air has that fresh-washed smell that comes after a spring rain, where you can still smell a hint of snow. There are the beginnings of wildflowers on the hillside.

It’s going to happen in the spring.

I can clearly make out Angela walking way off to the side, wearing a long violet dress. There’s Mr. Phibbbs, my English teacher. Come to think of it, I recognize a lot of people from school, maybe because school is the only place in Jackson where I know anybody. I see Mrs. Lowell, the school secretary, and her redheaded daughter, Allison. Kimber Lane, Jeffrey’s girlfriend. Ava Peters. Wendy, walking next to her parents, clutching a white rose to her chest. I see a flash of her face, which is paler than usual, her blue eyes all red and puffy. She doesn’t have a problem crying.

Who’s missing?

Warm fingers enclose mine. I look up at Christian. He squeezes mu hand. I shouldn’t be letting him hold my hand, I think. I belong to Tucker.

You can do this, Christian says in my head. There’s no doubt in him. No hesitation. He’s not worried that Tucker’s going to show up and have a problem with him holding my hand.

The bottom of my stomach drops out.


FTC Advisory: Harper Teen provided me with a copy of Hallowed. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

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