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The Bitch is Back by Deja King
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Jun 18, 2008

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** Overall good book.
Deja king keeps coming back with more for Precious.

Precious finds out her daughter Aaliyah as been kidnapped and she know it's Mike from his phone call but, to try to convince Supreme she had to go thou a lot of measurements to prove that Mike has esape prison with the help of Ricky.

Mike believes that Aaliyah is his daughter so Precious let me keep thinking that in order for Mike to not hurt her.

In the mean time Maya is upset because she thinks Clip is cheating her.

Supreme starts to think that Clip has something to do with his daughters kidnapped.

Precious finding clues to who maybe working for Mike and get a bit of information that leads to a hide out that Supreme has his people watching.

Maya in the meantime had her own reasons for having Clip nothing to her but, a pond in her plan.

Precious find out where Nico is and goes and warn him. Meantime she feels like her and Supreme isn't as close as they used to be.

The end was a blow out so now I am on to reading part 4 to see what else Precious has in storge to get out of the problem she is in.
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Reading Progress

06/03/2010 page 17
6.54% "I got book 2 mixted up with book 3 grr but, I just finished 2 now reading 3"
06/03/2010 page 32
12.31% "P keep having nightmares about Mike. Maya and Clip leaving together but, Maya have a feeling he is cheating on him P told her to just drop it but Maya want to know if he is. Supreme called P telling her to come home and that scared P."
06/03/2010 page 62
23.85% "Aaliyah was kidnapped. P got a called from a man that she thought was Mike saying he have Aaliyah. But, when the dectives called the jail they said, Mike still in jail so it couldn't have been him that called."
06/04/2010 page 94
36.15% "P knew deep down in her heart that Mike wasn't in jail so she went to find out for herself using fake ID and paper work to get in the jail that was made by this guy Ricky. When she finally get in to meet Mike she knew the man that ws in front of her wasn't mike at all it was a man poseing to be Mike in every way. P decided to tell the guards. After leaving the jail she called Tv stations to tell them the news"
06/05/2010 page 115
44.23% "P and Maya was getting shoot at when they was living Clips video shoot. P took down the license plate number and called up Ricky to help her find out who it maybe. She found out that the dude the plates was connected to just got out of the same prison that Mike was located at and also there was a girl name that popped up to. She told Supreme and he keeping a eye out on the house then they going to go in when its ok"
06/07/2010 page 155
59.62% "Maya caught Clip cheating on her. Police still dont have any good news. Mike keep calling P and talking crazy to her. Supreme has a man name Devon driving P everywhere so she can be safe. P found out that Supreme has pictures of Nico like as if he has a private eye watching Nico."
06/07/2010 page 208
80.0% "Supreme set in motion to see if Clip have anything to do with Mike. P found out thou Ricky that Supreme had plans to kill Nico but, had to postpone it due to there daughter getting kidnapped. P went to NYC to warn Nico about there is a hit on your head but, she didn't tell who has the hit. P got a lock of her daughters hair sent to her with some flowers."
06/08/2010 page 224
86.15% "When P came home she found flowers that had her daughter hair in it. Supreme got a call and him and P rushed to see what happened someone killed his guy that was watching over Donnell one of the people that knew where there daughter was. P found a piece of paper in Vernika's purse with a address she told Supreme and they went looking around and found out Destiny the one that was caught in bed with clip was there"
07/05/2017 marked as: read

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Liza barbour girl in need to still reads the rest of the series. ive been one throw 3 now inned to read the rest book 4 5 6 and the last one boich the beging. let know how how the rest of the series if u read it first .

Lesa Divine oh believe me I have all my series i am finishing up 3 now well hopfully by tomorrow then 4 then on to 5 I just got in the mail yesterday and in 2011 number 6 will be out. I wanted to finish all of Ms king series so i can read Trife Life 2 Lavish part 2 because that book sums up all 11 of her books into one.

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