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Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
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Jun 18, 2008

it was ok
Read in June, 2008

Ok, so this book was EXTREMELY out of character for me to read. I'm usually such a jerk about "chick lit" books - I even find the genre's title to be insulting to women somehow - and I almost never read them. But there's something about just having graduated and having spent the whole year reading 17th Century drama and political tracts that just makes me much more open minded to reading something fun and easy and enjoyable. (You don't even want to know what kind of TV this attitude has me watching).

So I picked up "Something Borrowed" because it seemed like a lot of people were enjoying it and it's sort of a big deal right now but honestly was really let down, even with low expectations. The story is basically about a lawyer in New York City (who still lives in a studio, albeit on the Upper West Side, which is definitely surprising considering the average salary of most NYC lawyers) who falls for her best girl friend's fiancé (whom she knew first at law school). The story basically follows their initial drunken night together and how they deal with it and whether they get together or not.

So this is basic "chick lit" stuff but it definitely fell flat. It's a super quick read mostly because not much happens. There are no other plotlines other than their "affair" and I spent the entire book rooting for the protagonist and wishing she would just forget her awful best friend and run away with her fiancé sooner rather than later. The best friend is described as self-involved, shallow and generally manipulative and obnoxious so you have absolutely no sympathy for her (other than some half-hearted attempts on the part of the author to make all those terrible traits seem like an understandable result of the friend's insecurities).

Since the book is now part of a trilogy, it makes sense that the ending is as unresolved as it is, but if you're not planning on reading the others, it only makes the book feel unresolved and uninteresting. The writing was intelligent enough but not snappy or compelling and I mostly felt like I knew everything that was going to happen next and wasn't even enjoying the ride.

So, it's "ok" but I was really struggling to give it that second star.
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arianna Amen sister, now you know why i don't read chick lit! Your review was comprehensive and actually possibly more interesting than the book itself.

Olivia That is true, Maron. I thought about Rachel living in the upper west side on a lawyer's salary and did wonder if that was financially feasible.

Alex Such an honest review. It made my day. Thanks for your Rational standpoint. It's much appreciated.

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