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Monsters by Ilsa J. Bick
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really liked it

How exactly does one write 678 pages and write in such a way that the action never-ever-ever-amen lets up? How?!

I don't know what to say about this author that I haven't already said (for the last time, go read her bio!). She doesn't mince words. So many authors, particularly in the YA genre, dumb down their writing and feel the need to over-explain everything. Bick? She happens to think her awesome readers (current company included) are purdy smart cookies. And SHE'S a purdy smart cookie. The woman was an Air Force major and is a child psychiatrist. So to say she writes with authority on her subject matter is an understatement. She knows things that your average Joe just wouldn't know. And friends, she is constantly dropping that knowledge *down*. Every page. Just one example- JUST ONE mind you- an ex-military member walks into a scene of straight up carnage (another thing she be dropping down constantly). He looks around and starts counting left feet. Why? Because in a severe trauma situation, such as explosions, heads pop off the body "like a champagne cork", so you pick a body part and count it. Like left feet. Most soldiers count left feet. That's a thing I now know. Her expertise lends plausibility to her books. My only issue with that was sometimes her characters seemed just a smidge too smart. For example, Ellie. Sometimes Ellie-the-eight-year-old seemed a tad too smart for her age. But if an author is going to err, I would rather it was away from the simpering, stupid bimbos trapped in love triangles and wrote strong characters like these.

And let's talk about that body count situation, ya'll. It's off the friggin' chart. Like if George R.R. Martin and Bick had a Fitbit showdown, but instead of steps it was for body counts. Georgy-porgy might win that battle, but ONLY because of the sheer ridiculousness of his page count. He has her beat there, so statistically speaking, his body count has to be higher. Maybe...

I'll be honest, I'm a heartless reader. I never cry reading a book (maybe twice in my life), and I don't get incredibly attached to characters. More often than not, I feel like I read with a clinical eye. But guys, the death on page 594...if you read this book, you know what I'm talking about. Incensed. Enraged. I threw the fecking book across the room, and I almost didn't pick it up again. Except I have to because it's a library book, and you know. Late fees. But what the actual heck, Bick?! I trusted you! I sang your praises. How. Could. You.

Her creepy factor and violence level are just amazing. She does it in a way that isn't gratuitous. It's clinical. It's delicious. Bah! There were things I could pick apart. But over-all, I just can't begin to get that frivolous, because she outdid herself with these books. I cannot believe they aren't more popular...yet. Just read the series. M-kay?

I would rate this book a strong R for violence/gore, a near rape scene, cursing, and many other adult features.
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