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Shattered by Sophia Sharp
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there were a few cliches at the begining and to some point i thought it was going to be a mock up of Twilight because it takes place in the state of Washington, but instead of the girl being the newibe it was the guy, and the fact that he drives a Volvo, but other than that there is nothing really that similar. though, i must admit the scene with Brady and his buddies was a bit much like that night in Portland when Bella was walking back down the alley's and these guys started following her. that scene was cliched for many reasons, one being that it never indicated that the hall was empty. how could teachers and other students NOT know about the comotion?
another thing, when Logan took Laura home it said that he asked where she lived and she GAVE him DIRECTIONS and then like two sentences later it basically says that she REALIZED she hadn't told hime WHERE SHE LIVED!!!!!!! HELLO, typo. if she gave him directions that implies that he DIDN"T know where she lived but when it says she realized that she didn't tell him where she lived its like "WHAT?" the editing wasn't great obviously if it didn't pick that up, i had to reread the entire paragragh like twice before i realized.
but other than that i liked it and i will want to find out what happens next.

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message 1: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany actually I beleive she said she told him her address but said nothing about giving him directions. In other words, he found her house just by the address and a new person in town should not of been able to do that. Which I suppose he might of been smelling her scent from her on her home. The truth is, the writer should of went into more detail about it later in the book or something.

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