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Really Good! Kresley Cole is the bomb and has the power to make a smile spread across my face. I seriously love the movie and music references and it was really nice to listen to the music that kinda fits the scene.

I was unsure if i would like this when i began reading, but i really enjoyed it- this is my first encounter with the 'bad-type of heroine' because im not reading the books in order. Cadeons cameo was a friendly meeting for me since i have yet to read his book and seriously liked his character--But now i have spoilers for his book soooo :P
I wasnt sure if i liked either of the Main characters at the beginning but the grew on me and I started to like them (including Rydstrom's bondage fetish ;P) Sabine had a completely different out look on life compaired to Rydstrom. Hers is kinda more sad and realistic view on life- while as realistic as you can get from dying several times.
Like i said, I didnt know if i would like Sabine, but when she started showing feelings for Rydstrom(when after the battle with the vampires, she goes straight to Rydstrom and kisses him passionately--happy to be alive and with him again.)

Lothaire, OF COURSE, makes an apperence--and let me tell knees went weak....ahhh he is soooo least in my mind any way.

Kresley Cole's books always make me laugh and this was no exception- Nix and Regin are always there for comic relief-- as well as Cadeon- who was just plain funny ''HELL YEAH!!'' and blunt.

Great book- i probably would have given this three stars but i thought it was amusing and well done so :)

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Quotes Erin Liked

Kresley Cole
Kresley Cole, Kiss of a Demon King

Kresley Cole
“In an incredulous tone, he said, "You don't know the meaning of virtue!"
"Of course I do-it means your thong must be white." (Sabine)”
Kresley Cole, Kiss of a Demon King

Kresley Cole
“You two. You can do a cleaning spell."
One slurred, "But Nixie, I'm really pre-hung-over."
Nix's eyes went wide. "Do it, or the photos go live!"
The witch shook her fist to the sky, crying, "Damn you, Valkyrie! Damn you and your digital ways!”
Kresley Cole, Kiss of a Demon King

Kresley Cole
“You know, do nice shite for her. Buy her things. Really think about what she likes and what makes her happy and make it happen. She'll come around. And if she doesn't, you can cut off your horns for her. Chicks dig that." (Cadeon)”
Kresley Cole, Kiss of a Demon King

Kresley Cole
“He found her not even a block away from the house, sitting on a curb.
As he approached, he saw her wiping her face with her forearm.
Sabine was...crying? "What are you doing out here, cwena?" Over the past week, Rydstrom had been pleased when she'd worried about him, and gratified when she'd felt the sting of jealousy. Was he a terrible man to hope she was crying about him?
She glared at him with her bottom lip quivering, allowing him to see her like this instead of using a mask. "I d-don't have anywhere else to g-go." Another swipe of her forearm over her eyes. "Lanthe's gone, and I c-can't get to her for six days. And I'm in a strange t-town and land, and Vrekeners are everywhere."
Sabine hadn't even mentioned what they'd just gone through-
"And you br-broke up with me!" she said, her tears falling faster. "Is that supposed to make me happy?"
"Come inside, Sabine."
"No! You t-told me not to." She sniffled, "You don't want me at your house."
He swooped her up in his arms. "Will you shut up?" With his free hand, he brushed her tears. "I made it ten minutes before I came after you.”
Kresley Cole, Kiss of a Demon King

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