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Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti
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did not like it

This one had so much potential, it's a shame really. I was intrigued by the premise: both daughter and mom are in abusive and toxic relationships and they decide to reunite an old lady with a past love. The blurb makes it sound like this road trip will be a big part of the book, but we don't even meet this lady until 40% in and the road trip itself doesn't start until much later. By that time I didn't even care anymore because none of the elderly in this book even sound like real people. It's like the author tried really hard to make them 'quirky' and 'funny' but instead it's just one big cringe-fest.

The romance with Travis was barely build up, which in my eyes made it less impactful. They meet, they take a ride on his motorbike, he gives her a necklace and they kiss, and I guess that's when they're dating?? I'm really happy that this book portrays abusive relationships, but it felt a little... I don't know how to describe it. Unrealistic? Flat? It didn't really go that deep, which is a shame.

There's also SO MUCH (slut)shaming of other girls and of course Ruby, her mom and her best friend are better than all of them adsgbh One of the elderly seriously calls a nurse a 'bimbo' and then Ruby proceeds to call her Nurse Bimbo in the narrative like yikes

There's also a REALLY weird line at the start of the book that really hurt and I'm very confused by. Brian and Mark bullied Ruby when they were kids and this is what her mom said to her to make her feel better:

(...) trying to remember what my mother told me, that Brian Holmes would no doubt end up prematurely bald and teaching remedial math, and that Mark Cummings was gay, only he didn't know it yet.

What the hell is her mom (and the author) trying to say??

Other than that there are a lot of descriptions and scenes that are not necessary for the plot, character development or relationship development. They felt very random and I had no clue why they were included.

The writing and especially the dialogue also felt very awkward and stinted to me. At some point her mom tells a story and jfc who talks like that? She's telling the story of how she had called up the past love of the older woman, but his daughter picked up. She literally says ''The woman laughed. 'No,' she said. 'His daughter'.'' ??? Who tells a story like that? Also the weird thing is that JUST before this Ruby's mom said 'No, it was his daughter, I guess' when someone assumed that he had a girlfriend/wife. Like?? You KNEW for sure that it was his daughter?? 1) why the 'I guess' and two, this is so pointless, you've already told both the characters you're telling this story to that his daughter picked up, and the readers, so??? I seriously often wondered if this book had ever seen an editor, because there were more instances like this, along with the unnecessary scenes and the awkward dialogue.

I feel like this review is a mess but hey so is this book and I'm salty because it has a great premise that could've been so meaningful but instead we got a slut shaming, homophobic badly written book

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