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From Here to You by Jamie McGuire
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Trex was a nice guy. All his life he was waiting for that one girl. He was a gentleman. And when he sees Darby, he’s a goner. It was love at first sight for him.

About Darby, I didn’t knew what to feel about her. It was quite weird that she never attempted to runaway from her abusive fiancé. But suddenly gathers this strength in a toilet on her wedding day, where she got a positive pregnancy news. That was unbelievable. But she runs away anyway.
I also didn’t knew at what moment I started caring for her. But I warmed towards her. She was pregnant and she didn’t have the money to take care of herself. Whenever she got free food, she would be happiest. It was so saddening. I was actually rooting for Trex to woo her asap. Because he was just the perfect guy for her. Eventually he did. But still they had a long way to go.
Misunderstandings, some ow drama and then the obvious om drama.

The thing which I couldn’t keep up with was Trex’s job. I was zoning out on his job scenes. But that’s fine.
Overall this book was Average.
Not bad. Not good.
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