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Holly's Heart by Fiona McArthur
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Although, this is the fourth book in the Outback brides series, this is my second read, the other one being book three Elsa's stand, which I'd liked a lot. This one too, was a nice enjoyable read with likeable characters and some very emotional moments. In Elsa's Stand, Elsa had banned Mrs. Brierly, Ben's grandmother, from entering her hair salon for dissing over the man she loved. She was not the town's favourite person.

Dr. Ben Brierly and Dr. Holly Peterson had been close friends while at school, but just when their friendship was beginning to transcend into romance, Ben's grandmother, unknown to Ben, had warned Holly from associating with her grandson. So, to put him off, Holly deliberately treated him badly after telling him she'd never be interested in him and then glued herself to her bestie, Jasmine, wherever they went not giving Ben an alone moment with her again. Both then left the town of Wirralong to pursue their medical degrees at different cities --she at Sydney, he Melbourne. For a while since they'd got their degree in medicine four years ago, Ben had kept track of Holly's career a few times.

Now, shattered over deaths of ppl close to them, they've both returned to their hometown. Unable to function properly after the tragic death of her patient two weeks after the death of her beloved younger sister in an accident that brought her orphaned six-year old twin nephews into her care, Holly decides to take a break from medicine and opens her sister's coffee shop at Wirralong to help supplement her savings. Four months later, there's news that the local doctor surgery is being opened & Ben is taking over as GP. She doesn't know how she's going to face him after her past treatment of him.

When they do meet, she can't believe the change in him from a lanky teenager to a handsome, well-built man. It's the same with Ben. One meeting and he's back to his seventeen-year old boy self who'd fallen in love with her. He's shocked to hear she's given up medicine and when he learns about her sister's death & her nephews now in her care, he feels sympathetic towards her & cannot keep to the aloofness he'd decided earlier on. Moreover, she does apologize to him about her past treatment of him without giving him any reason for it and he accepts it as it came. He also realizes that he wants her back in his life and pursues her to go out with him. She wants to, but holds back because of her responsibilities. But, Ben doesn't give up. For a little while there, I felt his behavior was more of a besotted teenager desperately craving for the attention of his dream woman rather than a grown man. He'd be excited every time he managed to it right with her, like when she liked the flowers he'd sent her, when she does not say no to his suggestion of a friendly date or managing to find allies in her nephews, Pat and Tom. The twins begin to hero-worship as he plays ball with them and thanks to them Ben finds himself frequently at Holly's place.

There's also Jasmine's wedding, where Holly is the bridesmaid, to which Ben gets a last minute invitation. There's also a couple of near-death situations where Holly is called upon to use her ER skills and every time she's freezes as she recalls the fatal incident in the past, Ben with his calm, gentle prodding helps her overcome her fears and tackle the situations. Slowly she comes to appreciate Ben's love, strength and dependability. Moreover, seeing him with her nephews, she's beginning to believe the four of them could have a future together.

The twins stole my heart. They were absolutely adorable, especially Tom, the quieter twin. I felt myself in tears seeing how sensitive and caring they were, how they took it upon themselves not to trouble Holly. I'm so glad Holly decided to take them camping for their birthday. I loved everything about the camping, the purchasing of the camper where Ben gets involved, then the boys & Ben setting up the camping site and the intimate moment Holly & Ben had after the boys had fallen asleep which has them exchange knowing glances the next morning.

I was disappointed that there wasn't any reconciliatory scene between Holly and Ben's grandmother considering she'd changed for the better and that she'd even given permission through Ben for Holly to use her property for the camp. The epilogue however was shown through her eyes and it isn't surprising to see that the twins have stolen her heart and she's looking forward to being a grandmother to them. We also get to see the couples from the previous books in the series, which was my missing in Elsa's stand - my only peeve with that book.

This book had fun as well as emotional moments and overall an enjoyable book.
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