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Transgressions by Erastes
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Dec 15, 2011

liked it
bookshelves: appeal-lgbtq, genre-romance, type-adult-fiction
Read in October, 2011

My first ever romance so of course I got for a gay one. It could've been much better. When neither of your protagonists are all that likable, it's hard to root for the happy ending. Also, maybe it's historically accurate, maybe it's not, but all the thee's and thou's got really tiring. Also, I got soured on it because I happened across the kerfuffle about this genre about halfway through the book. Clearly I'm not going to be on the side that thinks that straight women writing gay erotica equates to fetishization, but I also take issue with a lot of the writers in this debate. Also, what's wrong with a little fetishization once in a while? It all comes back to that annoying fear of desire. Desire doesn't have to be a destructive thing unless we let it. And the best part of all these debates and articles about why straight women like this stuff is the fact that people forget that plenty of lesbians and bisexuals like it too. Now I've gone and ranted and it's been weeks since I read this. Mostly this book is a lesson in why I think I'll stick to fic.

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