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Hater by David Moody
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Dec 15, 2011

liked it
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Read from April 10 to 11, 2013

I believe I liked this more than I ought to have, but that's okay. I was in need of a fast-paced thriller-style adult book after reading piles and piles and piles of happy picture books.

Hater is a twist on the zombie-apocalypse thriller that's saturating the market right now. There are no zombies in this book. If we are to believe what we are told (at least this far on in the series), there's no epidemic either. Just people who become ridiculously, inexplicably violent. They also seem to experience intense fear while attacking their hapless victim(s).

Danny is a slacker pencil-pusher at a government office. He hates his job, his boss, and his life. Evidently, neither he nor his wife ever discovered birth control, because all three of their nasty little kids (no really, they are nasty little children!) were unplanned. Danny doesn't make enough money to care for his family, he hates his job (oh wait, did I say that already?), and he resents relying on his wife, Liz, and her dad for help. However, when these sudden attacks of violence steadily encroach on Danny and his family, all this other stuff fades away.

I do have to say that I rather expected something like the twist that happened around the middle of the book, but I really didn't expect for it to make me care more about the main character. I actually became more interested and invested in him.

This isn't to say the book is without its problems. I felt like some of the scenes near the end were far too rushed. Danny and Liz whine about their kids' awful behavior constantly, but don't do anything about it. And their kids are REALLY annoying! I also noticed that some of this sounded like British English (which would make sense, as the author is from Birmingham), but not all of it. This may, of course, have been a publisher or editor's decision. However, it's a bit jarring to hear someone say "bloody" and call someone "love" and live in a "flat" but to say soccer instead of "football" or "footie" or use the American spelling of a word (i.e. honor for honour). It's a funky blend. I'm probably the only person in the world who cares about this, but it is a bit irritating.

Overall, not bad. I'll probably check out the next book to see how Moody moves the series along.

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