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The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch
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Dec 14, 2011

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Can you give a book a one AND a four? This book has me split. I didn't really like it, but I did make it through and give myself credit for that (although I skipped the sections where he plays like Socrates...weird...how did his editor let that through?). And even though I didn't like it, it made me think in directions I hadn't gone before. That's worth a lot.

The author is prideful and arrogant and really rather strange, But he is good at explaining bizarro physics concepts that are on the surface defy logic and common sense.

I enjoyed reading some of his views. Others really annoyed me.

This is one of those books though that I don't know how much credit to give it because I have so little background here. The author does say that his view is a minority opinion, even among physicists. He doesn't really explain why so many people don't agree with him - just reiterates (fairly convincingly) that the way he is explaining things is the only way it all makes sense.

I stongly felt like I was getting only one side of the story. That if I heard the other side I might be equally convinced (because again, I know nothing here... I'm relying on "experts")

Worth reading. Add salt. Take the good and noodle on the rest. It might make good dinner conversation.
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Chris Sowick I thought the Socrates Hermes bit was the best part of the whole book!

message 2: by BookInHandTOL (new)

BookInHandTOL I was struggling with this book until I realized the author was discussing the beginning of infinity across many subjects/ideals. So I didn't read the chapters in order and it increased my patience with the book.

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