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Abandoned by Allison Brennan
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it was amazing

This is a really good Max Revere book that brings together bits from several of her previous books. The story is captivating, and it’s easy to become involved in the character’s lives. I don’t think it’s as tight as many other Allison Brennan thrillers, in that some foreshadowing is much more obvious than usual, and at least one element was easy to see earlier than I think it was intended to be. Overall, though, it was a great read and I’m looking forward to seeing where Max goes next.

Settings / Time Periods: Present day United States, mostly.

Point of View: 3rd person

Main character: Maxine Revere, a hard-hitting cold-case reporter whose latest case is personal.

Is there a particular issue this book deals with? There’s not an obvious single issue, but family, trust, and secrets are the repeating elements.

What genres could this book be categorized in? Mystery for the most part. There’s a bit of adventure, and a small personal attraction bit as well.

Is there violence in this book? Yes. There’s a couple of deaths, some more natural than others. There’s at least one murder on-page, but not portrayed graphically. There is at least one fight with bodily injury on-page.

Is there romance in this book? There is no significant romance on-page. There is sexual attraction described in the narrative, and a hetero relationship that has a sexual component.

How to the characters view sexuality? Sex is referred to as a normal, natural part of life. There is not much on-page sexuality, and all references are to hetero activity.

Did you enjoy reading it? Yes. I have enjoyed Max Revere books in the past, and this one was also fun, although I don’t think it’s as tight as some of the others.

How does it rate on the tests?
Bechdel? Yes.
Mako Mori? Yes.
Ellen Willis? Sort of. Mostly.
Tauriel? With flying colors.
Racial Bechdel? No.
Deggans? Uncertain, but not likely.
Vito Russo? Not applicable.
Fridge? Not applicable.

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