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Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel García Márquez
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Dec 14, 2011

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Powerful book of a decrepit man taking refuge in lechery ??!!!! I don't think I enjoyed it much !

This was given to me by a friend and i loathed it in the purest sense ! The plot was repulsive based on pedophilia and prostitution...a nonagenarian who decides to bed a virgin on the eve of his ninetieth birthday (assuming it would be his last fling before death)

Author neither could make it erotic nor could he do any justice to the debate "love over sex" (the polemic quote - "sex is the consolation for not finding enough love" was my favorite one in the book)...

But, certainly the book does give few profound, yet amusing revelations ! The protagonist who in the first case - an old madam who wanted so much to procure a young virgin for his 90th birthday...never sleeps with her and finds himself touched by her innocence...arghhh....a bit too much, even for being considered as "magical realism" !! I felt more disturbed with the ignoble idea of a man who'd spent his entire life purchasing women than feeling pity for a man whose life appears to be empty and sad.
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message 1: by Jayaprakash (new)

Jayaprakash Satyamurthy A good review. I wish he hadn't published this at all.

message 2: by Tocotin (new)

Tocotin Sounds familiar... Lifted from Kawabata's "Sleeping Beauties", perhaps?

Charu hawww!!! is it?? how did u liked the Kawabata's "Sleeping Beauties"??

message 4: by Tocotin (new)

Tocotin Oh, I read it long ago! But it was better than I expected. (Kawabata is quite subtle which can't be said of Marquez.)
I haven't tried "Memories..." and don't feel like it :) The title alone gives me the creeps. I think I finished with Marquez after reading "Love in the Times of Cholera". Omg how I hated that book!!

Charu ohhh ! ? u hated one of his novella?? - "Love in the Times of Cholera". why? why why? i was thinking on picking that up !

message 6: by Tocotin (new)

Tocotin Maybe you'll like it, who knows? We're all different! :) But I thought it was fake, and pretentious, and sexist and boring, and yes it had pedophilia too (a legitimate topic, but it was written in a way which made me suspect the author...) I ranted about it a lot in my review hehe.

Charu pedophilia???????? here as well?? now even i suspect the author :P

message 8: by Monica (new)

Monica Sad. We expect so much better from him. I read your review before I saw who wrote the book. I adored One Hundred Years of Solitude years ago, even considered buying the Barnes & Noble special edition now I don't know.

message 9: by PGR (new) - rated it 4 stars

PGR Nair Agree that this novel is not one his best though it still contain many his signatures.In his previous books, his characters, however fantastical, were believable. Here, only the old journalist comes to life: the women exist merely as scaffolding for his dreams - happy, wise, loving whores without a care in the world except (as in the case of Delgadina's friend) that caused by a surfeit of love. Finally, the "quotable" snippets of wisdom that García Márquez lent his characters in the past (almost a trademark of his style) become in this book either incomprehensible or banal: "peaceful madmen are ahead of the future"; "Whores left me no time to be married"; "There is still a great deal left for us to say about music"; "Age isn't how old you are but how old you feel."

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