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My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent
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Dec 13, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** I have a lot of ranting to do after reading this book x.x

If you're actually reading this, and like the book, keep in mind that this is my opinon and I have a right to say what I'd like, thank you :)

Postive -->

There is much less positive things to say about this book than negative, so I'm going to start it off with the good things :)

*At a loss for about five minutes*

Okay, first and foremost I admire the fact that Kaylee goes to such lengths to help people she's close to, or people that are close to someone she loves. In this case it would be Scott and Doug. She's trying to save them to protect Emma and Sophie, yes, but still. Putting this all in perspective she's helping save lives that should'nt be dying in the first place (or ending up in a padded room... blinded by light so he doesnt have to see his shadow o.o).

I like the ending as well :) That was a real tear-jerker. Even after reading the whole book and not really-- loving it. It was still a veyr heart-broken, sad moment that (in all honesty) took me by surpirse.

Negative -->

Is was to easy to figure out what we werent supposed to be seeing! It about drove me insane right alone side Mr.Carter. I mean, the moment Nash told Kaylee that he'd take the ballon, I was like ... "Op, he's addicted." Then like 100-150 pages later it went down like this.
Kaylee: *cries* *cries more* Ohmygod, Nash is addicted!!!! *cries*
[image error]
I was tearing my hair out because it was the most FREAKING. OBVIOUS. THING. IN THE WORLD! I'm sorry, but out of all the megative things I have to say about this book that just--- UGH. If you can figure out a story that quickly there's no story to figure out!!!!

But breaking off from that I can't say that she didn't drive completly off the edge, because than he told Kaylee how it had happened. And it 'bout jerked me to tears when he told her that he couldnt remember loving her! *tears* I mean... c'mon, that's pretty damn sad. But back to my point, which happens to be that I only had a tear or two, I didn't actually cry. And I'm pretty sure that that part was supposed to have you crying like a baby. Yeeeeaaaah, that didn't happen. Oh and also, she hardly blames herself as much as she should. If she hadnt brought Demon's Breath in a ballon, Nash wouldnt have popped the ballon, therefore they wouldnt be IN THIS MESS. It's like she blames herself mildly but shoves the feelings away to yell at him some more.

Another thing that really, really, really, really, really bugged me. I MISSED TOD! He's the best character in the books, both caring and funny -- and pretty cute for a dead guy ;) -- and he was in there like... 1... 2... 3... like three times before his part came into play in all this?! Like I understand he was gone all the time because he was meeting with Addy, but really... really. Half the reason I tore through the second book so fast was because Tod was in it like 24/7. Of course, Nash wasn't frosted over than either, but I still love Tod more. I'm sorry to say.

Annnnnnd here I go again, I believe this is all my negative things, but here it is. Avari. Like they she doesn't even SUSPECT him until Nash admits to him being addicted -- which, again, was her fault. Wouldnt it be obvious, seeing as he's the Demon of Greed out to get her?! Apparantly not. She escapes his claws and then seems to think that everything's alright. I like Kaylee as a character, she's another main character that I don't loathe (there are few of those), but she was like blind in this book. I mean, frost comes in ballons, bearing Demon's Breath. Who came up with the idea of holding that stuff in ballons? She did. Who hates her. Avari does. STOP FOCUSING ON EVERETT YOU RETARD.


I dont know what happened in this book, but--ugh, it took me too long to read. A real let down I must say. Rachel Vincent is a great writer, a great, great writer, but I just wasn't feeling this one.

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