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Sisterhood of Dune by Brian Herbert
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message 1: by Pope (new)

Pope I don't know mate. I've not read what's laughably called Dune 7, Pole of Dude made me swear not to read any more mcDune, yet i'm curious about how screwy this'n'll be...

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael I concur, I remember reading House Atreides in six hours and thinking, "I want those six hours back." Knowing Bobo and the Hack's desire to be hip and cool, they'll probably have graphic lesbian sex in the novel... which will be of much less quality than your average smut-fic on the internet.

message 3: by Pope (new)

Pope I'll admit, i'm torn.
As much as i'd like for mcDune to go away, i've had loads of fun denegrating dahacks.

message 4: by Pope (new)

Pope SOD has come and gone and i'm reminded of a line from a movie, "There is no spoon."

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