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TwoSpells by Mark  Morrison
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did not like it

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this book by the author (thank you!) in exchange for an honest review

I really wanted to like this one, as it has a really cool premise: a magical library and you can actually go inside the books? Like, enter their worlds? Yes please! Unfortunately it took forever until we actually got to the library: until about halfway into the book. And the main plot still didn't start then. I felt like the plot didn't really start until there were like 100 pages left. There was just a lot of talking and I got bored to the point that I started skimming pretty quickly because none of it seemed important.

We get a bunch of info-dumping at the start of the book, which to me seemed to come out of nowhere, and I had no clue what the Grandmother was really talking about. It felt like not only were the kids supposed to get everything from the get go, but I was too. There's also this vague line:

We could see large pile of dusty books in one corner and the lass was nowhere ta' be found. We knew what she'd done.''

Well I have no clue what she did!! I wasn't skimming at this point yet either. The entire explanation/worldbuilding was so vague and the kids just accepted everything? They do apparently ask a lot of questions, but we're only told this. I have no clue what they asked nor even what the answers to these questions were. Leaving me with a lot of questions! Apparently the kids, their grandparents and mom are 'the special kind', but we don't really learn what that means? The kids are sorcerers apparently, but it was so vague to me that I had no idea if that meant that all of them were sorcerers? Because if they were, why not just use that word instead of 'special kind'? To be fair, maybe there was more explanation somewhere and I skimmed or skipped that, but I was so bored that I couldn't make myself read that much further. I could've DNF'ed, but I read almost half of it before I started skimming and I felt like I at least wanted to know a little bit of what was going to happen (plus they were FINALLY going to the library)

I wasn't too fond of the writing style either, but that might just be a personal thing. The saving grace could've been the characters, but none of them stood out to me. They were just very flat and didn't feel that realistic to me.

Unfortunately this one just wasn't for me.
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