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The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides
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Dec 12, 2011

it was amazing

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Patti Mcdermott My book club just finished this. Consensus: two out of the three characters were flat. Descriptions of place, amazing. No one loved it, including me, but the writing itself is very, very good. Just the connections between the characters didn't seem realistic. Great description at times of the angst and thrill of college life when learning, reading, talking abut new things was so exciting. That was done well. I'd give it a 3 1/2.

Jamie Schaffner Ah, interesting. I loved reading what these characters were thinking (lit crit, biology and religious studies), and their bumbling around felt vividly real. I believed their connections to each other, albeit loose, but that's mental obsession for ya- and all three were nothing if not obsessive, in at least two ways (each) that are particular to recent college grads, tho' Leonard's primary mental obsession was beyond just that of a recent college grad. And yeah it did bring me back to college. Plus, how cool of Eugenides to write a novel that shows us that the "The Marriage Plot" is hardly dead, but simply re-tooled to fit the times. Weren't we hoping that Leonard and Maddy wouldn't stay together? Was it only b/c of his mental disease? What if Leonard came from money? And tho' we may have been rooting for a Maddy/Mitchell marriage, we're we relieved at the end b/c they were also not suited--why? Status. Plenty of not easy stuff was accomplished in this novel and yeah, what a pleasure to read beautiful sentence after beautiful sentence.

Linda Agree, Jamie, really liked it.

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