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The Rising by Brian Keene
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Dec 11, 2011

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First off, this isn't a 'Zombie' novel because the protagonists aren't zombies, rather they're Evil Dead style demons who inhabit the bodies of the dead, re-animating them. Brian Keene does seem to be undecided as to how mobile and intelligent his living dead are but every single one of them is a cackling wiseacre, straight from the curious school of thought which suggests that nothing is more evil than a baddie with a black sense of humour.
Keene's demons don't restrict themselves just to possessing humans either as zombie birds, fish and cats are all on hand to bedevil the various characters who's stories gradually interwind. As much as this sounds like utter nonsense even by the standards of the genre, Keene keeps things interesting with some solid writing, inventive gore and a multitude of characters who are written into the story only to be written straight out again. In fact, every single character introduced after the book's beginning is killed off within two chapters of their initial appearance.
Anyone who can get past the novel's quirks and sillier moments will find a jauntily nasty tale that compels right to its cliff-hanger climax.

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