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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
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Dec 11, 2011

really liked it
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Read from November 11 to December 11, 2011

If only this isn't Cassandra Clare's book, I think this book would be in my to-read list longer (since I don't really get the storyline in CA). But when I started to read I found this book interesting. Cassandra tells us more point that makes me understand the series.
I'm glad finally I know Will's past, the reason of his cold and annoying action. We will find a scene of ceremony when Will and Jem becoming parabatai. That explains the strong connection between Will & Jem (before read this book I always think they're gay). Again, we find love triangle between Will-Tessa-Jem. Sophie's love story give me fresh air (even that shocked me for a while). The scandal within institute and 'war' between Charlotte & Benedict just excited me, in this book we also find 'humaner' side of Charlotte and Will. Maybe the one that most excited me is Magnus (I'm his fans actually :p). Another exiciting part, the speculation about Tessa's parents. Half Shadowhunter and half demon? Is that possible? I know the old Starkweather know something about Tessa. But what? Is she one of his grand(maybe great-grand)daughter?
The most shocked part was Jessamine's betrayal. I don't really surprised she never care about Shadowhunters. But betraying them after they take care of her and run to a man who tricked her once and then married? That's just stupid.
I'm still wondering few things. Are Will & Jem really don't know each other's feeling on Tessa since they're bestfriend? What the reason Tessa say yes when Jem proposed? Is she just depressed about Will or feel sorry to Jem or just because of love? If she really love him, why she still thinking of Will when they're kissing? (And this make me think 'here we go, Jace-Clary-Simon again'). Will Will’s family find happily ever after? What the reason Cecily show up in the Institute? Is she really want to be Shadowhunter or it’s just Mortmain’s trick to do his plan? And the biggest question of all: what Tessa exactly is?
Okay, maybe it's too early to judge before the series end. And I have sooooo much hope on this series. Maybe the 3rd book's more interesting than 2nd, who's know? I wish this series will be as great as TMI, of course with it's own version. Beside, who wants a copy?

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Danielle I was glad she pointed out alot of the stuff in this book too and explained it in detail. I was shocked at Jessamine too I was wracking my brain trying to figure out why on earth she was sneaking out dressed as a boy. I am a retard because I just realized in this book how far back they were in the past lol! DUH how I missed that I have no clue! I would like to know more about Tessa's parents though to know if what Jessie and Nate said were true!?! The whole thing with Benedict and his sons was interesting when the story on them was brought in and what really happened with their mom. I was glad for Sophie that she found someone who will love her back and she can be happy. As far as Will goes, I am kinda sad bcuz he loves Tessa and he did what he did because he did not want her to get hurt. I understand that but part of me wishes he wasn't such an ass in the past to her because she wouldn't have disregared him so easily when the truth came out in the end. However, I do believe that she should be with Jm...he is kind, sweet, and loves her unconditionally. and he deserves to have the happiest short life he has and I am glad that Will agreed to let her go and let Jem be happy in love with Tessa! Can't wait for the Clockwork Princess!

Werda I wish the best for them. I like Jem too, I just can't see him die because of that. Maybe die in battle's okay (that's what all Shadowhunter want, isn't that?) If Tessa end ups with Will, I wish Jem find happiness :(

Danielle maybe they will find a cure for Jem in the next book and he won't have to die...my fingers are crossed

Werda I hope so :)

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