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Just for Fins by Tera Lynn Childs
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This is my go-to cotton candy mermaid series, for sure!

I love Lily. I love how she's just so grown now. Like, she's so over that ridiculous obsession with Brody from book one, and she's completely devoted to Quince now. I bet any other YA heroine out there would still be torn over different guys in a series, but not Lily. Only Quince is on her mind, and I'm glad about that.

What I love most about this book though is that it's not focused on the romance. It focuses more on Lily dealing with royal life and trying to help the underwater kingdoms. It all started with her wanting to help her friend Prince Tellin's kingdom, Acropora, but after a disastrous meeting with all the kings and queens, she discovers that a lot of kingdoms are facing similar problems, mainly caused by humans. In this book, we see a lot of Lily planning to make all the kingdoms work together to solve all these problems.

Dosinia, Lily's cousin, also changed a lot in this book. I saw a different side of her and was touched by how her and Lily's relationship grew near the end. And we see some of Doe's relationship with Brody as well and I guess they're pretty cute.

This book wasn't exactly climactic, but I enjoyed it a lot because of the characters, and it was nice to see more of the underwater kingdoms besides Thalassinia. I also liked seeing the Terrible Trio come to their senses. xD It was so awesome when Lily just completely told them off. I was dying.

The ending . . . kind of scared me. Because it seemed quite . . . last-book-ish, if you know what I mean. Like an ending you would see in the last book of a series. I'm a little scared, because I love this series and I don't want it to end so soon! D: But the author did tell me on Twitter that there might be more of Quince and Lily's story, but she was awfully cryptic about it. >_< I do hope a fourth book is in the works, though. Or maybe even a spin-off with a different main character? That would also be fun. :D

All in all this series is so fluffy and fun, definitely one of my favorite mermaid series out there. If you have yet to read the first book, Forgive My Fins, I strongly suggest you do!
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Nasty Lady MJ Great review, are you a member of Tera's Splash Team? If not you should be. Anyway, I really loved this book too. I think my biggest issue with it was that it can be a bit cotton candy like, but honestly I'm really okay with it. There are so many heavy YA books out there it's nice to read something light for a change. Seriously the best mermaid books I've read as of yet.

shady boots | #WatchPOSE YAL Book Briefs wrote: "Great review, are you a member of Tera's Splash Team? If not you should be. Anyway, I really loved this book too. I think my biggest issue with it was that it can be a bit cotton candy like, but..."

Splash Team? What's that? o:

Nasty Lady MJ It's a group that helps promote the book she also has one for her Sweet Venom books. If your a member she send you bookmarks and stuff to hand out to libraries and bookstores and access to special chats. I think the spots are filled for the year but if you sign up for her newsletter you can get alerts when/if the spots are going to be open again.

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Juliana Nice profile pic!

message 5: by Lee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lee Love your review! The series are amazing and if Tera ends up writing more books about lily or anything about the kingdom I'll read it. I want to see if they get marry or even have guppies

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