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Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes
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"Wow, I actually think this book was a slight improvement over the last couple. Still not sure it actually deserves three stars..." This was my initial reaction, and yeah, it basically sums up my feelings for this book.

I enjoy these books. But that's pretty much the only redeeming quality. Because they are the LOWEST quality.


- It was a quick, fun read.
- Cleo.
- Nic and Ashur. Their relationship is so angsty, but I love it tbh. The are also the only canon ship I have in this entire series. (My other ships include Cleo and Lucia, Jonas and Felix, & Magnus and a grave.)
- There was some decent banter. In fact, after four and a half who books, I even found myself feeling sort of fond of this crew.


- Everything else (it's true tho).
- The plot is the most unoriginal thing ever. It is SO full of tropes and cliches, and there's sort of, um, let me think... exactly NOTHING in this book that doesn't feel like I've read it a million times before.
- I actually don't think I've ever read a book that uses THIS MANY tropes and cliches. It's ridiculous actually.
- The writing is just... flavourless? And sort of unimpressive.
- Lucia still has almost no personality.
- As do most of the characters tbh.
- Also while almost nobody died in this book, I find it ridiculous how nobody grieves for any of the many, many characters who have died in previous books. They just don't even care. And also (view spoiler)
- Magnus "I'm a complete jerk but I have a tragic past and I'm an artist with a kind heart really, really, really deep down so it's okay" Damora. He. Is. So. Awful. He is the 'Bad Boy With A Tragic Past' trope at it's worst. And I hate him SO MUCH.
- Almost all the canon ships. They sort of have, um, NO chemistry. Jonas and Lys had some chemistry, but Jonas and Lucia? No. Nope. Absolutely not. Magnus and Cleo? I'm sorry (I'm not tho) but Cleo deserves wayyyy better.

Overall? This series is completely unoriginal and unremarkable. I'm going to finish. There's only one more book after all, and I need to know what happens to Cleo (Please tell me she ditches Magnus (or he dies) and finds some happiness without that jerk), and to Nic and Ashur.

Quite honestly everyone else could die and I wouldn't even care. (and honestly with this series it wouldn't shock me if they all did...)
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3.96% "*gags*

This is sooooo cheesy right now! Plus I do not ship it. At all.

TBH I'm pretty sure I'm half reading these books so I can make fun of them... :P"
July 12, 2018 –
page 138
36.41% "This book is so ridiculous. It's the most cliche, trope filled thing ever, and the romance and writing are super cheesy.

But I'm invested in Cleo, and therefore I need to read all six books. Yay me."
July 12, 2018 –
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70.71% "Wow. I actually am vaguely fond of these characters. After four and a half books, I almost care."
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