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Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
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More truths revealed and Calla learns even more than she didn't originally know. She gets to know some of the Searchers and also learns that so much has changed in Vail in the week that she escaped with Shay. There's a lot of guilty feelings on Calla's part throughout this book. I thought she'd be universally hated by her pack for leaving like she did, but I was surprised there. There was death and reunion and it looks like a Searcher who had such a hatred for the Guardians now sees them in a new light, thanks to a little instant attraction. And of course, there's a lot of Shay vs Ren. That seemingly gets resolved only to not be so resolved. It's still very much up in the air despite what happened at the end there.

While Calla was certainly thrown into an unknown situation and brought on for an alliance she never expected or wanted, she was a little slow on the uptake sometimes. That whole thing with Monroe was terribly obvious. She never questioned why Monroe got so worked up over Ren. I guess, I shouldn't blame her for that. Her world was turned upside down the moment she met Shay back up on that mountain. Still, it frustrated me a little. I have to remember that for that character, she was in the thick of things, but some things just aren't going to be so obvious to you, even when they're happening to you.

I was glad we got to see some of the other wolves again. A shame that the Keepers are still lying so much that Calla is attacked on sight by some of her former pack members. And Ren is broken. Not to mention Ansel. Can't blame him for feeling the way he did. He's just a kid and Calla never explained what she had been up to. Really, this was a crappy situation for all of the young wolves. At least Calla accepts her role in things, though she can't blame herself 100%. No one made the Keepers do what they did.

Now the rescue mission for Ren is on. How Adne thinks they're gonna pull that off if beyond me. How does Calla think she can convince him after she knows just how broken he is? He knows nothing. What can she say that will make him believe? Gotta read the conclusion to find out.
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20.0% "I doubt Calla's return to Vail is going to go too well."
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43.0% "This dude is so Ren's dad. It was obvious after Calla's dream (no wonder Emile doesn't care about Ren), but this current conversation pretty much nails it. No wonder he was all "You know Ren LaRoche?!""
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76.0% "I knew it! Not that that was hard to figure out. Same as to who wouldn't be waiting around to get rescued. Not like Fey or Dax had any love for Calla even before she left."
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