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Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes
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really liked it

I enjoyed this so much - I would actually give it a 4.5-star rating!

I listened to the audio to complete some challenges for Retellathon. This book hadn't even been on my radar (and I LOVE retellings) but I needed an audiobook to get through the week and SCRIBD had this one. After seeing that the overall Goodreads rating was only around a 3.6, I didn't have the highest expectations going in. I didn't read any of the reviews in advance, so I have no idea what the issues are with this one after listening to it.

This is essentially an origin story for the Queen of Hearts. I love retellings from the villains perspective, that's honestly one of my favorite subgenres of YA, and who doesn't love an origin story? This one felt very true to the atmosphere of the original story but brought a lot of new concepts and unique twists. I loved the deep, dark overall feel of the tale. There were parts that were very gritty and creepy - blood, gore, torture - it's all in here but not in an obnoxious way. IMO it all works perfectly with the story. Alice in Wonderland is not a feel-good tale; it is dark and scary with twisty-turny, upside-downy things that just make you feel on edge.

I loved the relationship between Dinah (the Queen of Hearts) and her Father. He is a demonic, evil, spiteful little man and I really hope he gets his in the next book! Speaking of the next book, I ordered this and the second book this morning from Book Outlet and I need them like yesterday! This left off on such a cliffhanger - I cannot wait to see where the next book takes Dinah.

Another thing I enjoyed about this was Cheshire. He is an aide to the King and you can tell he is all kinds of devious. I'm not sure at this point what his true motivations are but he sure is a tricky one! He is described with similar qualities to the Cheshire Cat from the original, yet in this tale, he is a man. We also meet Dinah's main caregiver, Harris, who is just such a sweet man, who loves her like her Father never has. He is just a pure and precious gem who I hope survives the wrath that is the King of Hearts! For Mad Hatter fans, have no fear, he is in here too; as are all the cards, the croquet games and general royal chaos.

Overall, I feel like this book needs some more love. I definitely plan to get the entire series and will probably even read this one again. I am majorly geeking out over this right now. I am going to go back now though and read other reviews; I am really curious to see what others didn't enjoy about this one!

SIDE NOTE:Retellathon Book #3: I am using this to meet two challenges. The first is challenge #3 'Faraway Land' (to read a retelling that is based off a story from your heritage) - I am choosing to go with my Irish heritage for this challenge. At the time Alice in Wonderland was written, and a time when my ancestors were still there, Ireland was a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland so technically, this works. I am also using it for challenge #5 'Unhappily Ever After' (to read a retelling with a dark twist) - as this is told from the villain's perspective, the infamous Queen of Hearts, this works! BAM!
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message 1: by Whitney (new) - added it

Whitney Are you Southern Irish? North Ireland is still part of the UK. It’s just South Ireland that isn’t :)

megs_bookrack Whitney wrote: "Are you Southern Irish? North Ireland is still part of the UK. It’s just South Ireland that isn’t :)" Yes, I do know that but yes, I am mostly from the South. My Mom has some Belfast relatives but mostly Cork area for the rest of the family. My parents are very into genealogy.

message 3: by Kayla (new)

Kayla (kaylareads) What challenge is this? Sounds interesting

megs_bookrack Kayla wrote: "What challenge is this? Sounds interesting" It is a readathon called Retellathon that is hosted by a few different booktubers. If you ever watch YouTube just search 'retellathon' and you will see the announcement videos and people's tbr videos. It runs just for this week (july 8 - 15)

message 5: by Aisling Zena (new)

Aisling Zena Fab review Megs! :)

megs_bookrack Aisling Zena wrote: "Fab review Megs! :)" Thank you so much!!! 🤗

MissBecka Wonderful review! I hope you like the rest of the series just as much :)

megs_bookrack MissBecka wrote: "Wonderful review! I hope you like the rest of the series just as much :)" thank you!! I am very excited to get the 2nd one - luckily, Book Outlet is pretty quick with their shipping!

MissBecka I look forward to reading you next review :) I hope they arrive quickly for you!

megs_bookrack MissBecka wrote: "I look forward to reading you next review :) I hope they arrive quickly for you!"
Thanks, MissBecka!!!

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