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The Gamble by Kristen Ashley
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Dec 09, 2011

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The Gamble by Kristen Ashley wasn’t a bad story. It was dramatic and entertaining, and there were many parts that made me laugh out loud. However, the two main characters, Nina and Max, drove me crazy! In fact, I think it’s safe to say that I strongly disliked both characters. Nina had a few redeeming qualities, but Max didn’t have many.

Max's "voice" drove me mad. His dialogue was very unusual. He would leave IMPORTANT WORDS-like nouns and verbs- out of his sentences. This happened frequently and only with Max's character, so I don't think it was grammatical errors. His speech was just confusing and hard to follow; it messed up the flow of the novel. Although Max frequently forgot nouns and verbs, he never ever forgot the F word. If you are sensitive to the F word then don't read this novel. I won't lie to you, it's: f'in f f f'ed your f'in f. I think at one point he even says “Thank F***” which seems appropriate since he worships the F Word.

In the beginning of this novel, Max basically holds Nina hostage. He takes her keys, leaves her in the middle of nowhere, and tells the ONE cab company around not to give her a ride. Max isn't a cruel person. In fact, he gets to know Nina while he is taking care of her when she is sick, but that doesn't give him an excuse to take her options away. I just thought that was a little too controlling.

He also always spoke over Nina. Poor girl barely ever got a word in when they were arguing. Nina says "Max.." like 50 times, and he just talks over her. That is rude. Max was a little to bossy and controlling for my liking.

I loved it when Nina would get feisty and tell people off; those were some of the best and most hilarious scenes. I only wish she would have carried that sass and backbone over to Max. She stood her ground very well against everyone but Max. She let Max talk over her and silence her with kisses way too often.

Nina was also extremely insecure, and she was quick to think the absolute worst.

She also lies. A LOT. This story is told from her perspective and she said "I lied" about 50 times. That drove me freaking crazy.

I gave The Gamble by Kristen Ashley 3 STARS (2.5 STARS). I wasn’t a big fan of The Gamble, mainly because I wasn’t a fan of either one of the main characters. I am still considering reading Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley because it wasn’t Ashley’s writing that bothered me, it was her characters. I am hoping that I will have better luck with different characters.


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Searock RED, I hope you give Sweet Dreams a try! Its tempting to read the first book in a series, but this is a case where I would recommend the second one first! Some of the same issues you described show up again, but on a lesser scale with great characters and a good story. Hope the stuff you didn't like about this one doesn't keep you from trying.

Morgan I have been thinking about reading Sweet Dreams. That may sound strange considering my review for this novel, but I think I might have better luck with different characters. Thanks for you recommendation. I think I'll check it out!

message 3: by Searock (last edited Dec 13, 2011 01:39PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Searock ... and the lying is not really an issue in Sweet Dreams. There are unspoken, or misleading things that become more clear as the story unfolds, but it made the book more interesting rather than more irritating. I think it would bug me too for the heroine to lie 50 times, yeesh. SD was my first Ashley, and am moving to Wild Man next.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I had the hardest time getting into Sweet Dreams. It just didn't click! Hopefully you have better luck

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