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The Dickens with Love by Josh Lanyon
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make the yuletide gay...

aww, i thought this was such a sweet story.

wildly implausible on so many levels, but it's christmas! forget the unlikelihood of troo love occurring in three days, and the consequences of decisions requiring an unhealthy and absolute faith in the goodness of mankind and the most bizarre choice for love-over-duty this side of Bastard Out of Carolina.

and forget...an ocelot??

nah, don't forget the ocelot. this is l.a., after all.

all joking aside, this book was not nearly as bad as an m/m christmas novella with the word "dickens" in the title could have been. in fact, i wanted it to be much worse. i wanted a runaway freight train of "dickens" puns peppering every page. no such luck.

instead, it is a perfectly serviceable light romance, that managed to hit me in my particulars because this time of year, a character who works at a barnes and noble during the christmas season and says things like:

Ebenezer Scrooge would have learned a few things about the dark side of humanity if he’d happened to work in a national chain bookstore three days before Christmas.

The depressing fact is, no one reads anymore. Most of the people collecting books don’t even read them. Book collecting is very hot, don’t get me wrong. In certain circles rare books are considered sexy and exotic. But for the average person, books remind them of the bad old days of homework and report cards. For these folks, books and bookstores are the last resort, the last desperate option for befuddled holiday-makers who have run out of ideas for presents for people they don’t know that well. Books rank somewhere between a tie and a box of chocolates. It’s a book or go home empty-handed—and empty-handed means again facing the stores and parking lots that one frightening day closer to Christmas.

has me in his corner.

tell me about it, brother...

and, man, did this book ever make me want a sugar daddy, just for the meals!there is so much food in this "book." i was totally turned on by the descriptions of the things they were putting in their mouths, more than any of their intercourse. (in which other things were being put into mouths)

he was speaking around a mouthful of French toast that had been stuffed with ricotta, cream cheese and honey, sautéed then baked to plump and moist perfection.

I avoided meeting his eyes by paying strict attention to a breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, cheese, smoked chicken sausage, roasted peppers and chilies

A white teapot, two gold-rimmed china cups, a jar of honey, a small basket of muffins and nut breads, a bowl of fresh berries. One plate offered eggs Benedict with shaved honey ham and what appeared to be an herbed Hollandaise sauce. Another plate had thick round Belgian waffles, richly, sweetly scented of vanilla, cinnamon and topped with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and pecans.

that made me so hot.

but that doesn't mean that in between all the eating and sexing, the characters didn't have time to focus on the true meaning of christmas!

“God hears all our prayers, but sometimes the answer is no.”

religion! and boning!

and you gotta love this character's priorities:

And if you weren’t into Christmas what was there to do? No bookstores were open. No libraries. Nothing useful was open.

agreed on all counts!

a not at all painful selection from the RBRS! i wonder if the christmas cat romance would have been as painless...
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The Crimson Fucker First!!

Eh?Eh! You're right! It had good food secks, too.

karen HAHAHA you are the fastest!

Kat Kennedy Oh I forgot about the food secks! Thanks for reminding me!

message 5: by Dana (new)

Dana Yay, I'm glad Josh Lanyon gets a decent review from you!

karen did you read this one? i just emailed it to you in case you have not.

message 7: by Dana (new)

Dana Thanks, I haven't. I've only read 2 of his books. Strange Fortune is good!

karen eee! i managed to give you something you haven't read!

message 9: by Mir (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mir Yeah, he managed to make even the foods I don't particularly like sound good.

message 10: by mark (new) - rated it 3 stars

mark monday i feel like such a slow old-timer. i haven't even started reading this one yet, and now i turn around and there are like a half-dozen reviews for it. i am perpetually playing catch-up!

karen you can read it superfast, though, old man! is short!

message 12: by Denae (new) - rated it 1 star

Denae Oh, the books you lure me into with your graphic descriptions of luscious comestibles...

message 13: by Mir (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mir Do you like fantasy, Denae? Patricia McKillip has some great descriptions of food; especially The Book of Atrix Wolfe because one character works in the palace kitchen.

message 14: by Denae (new) - rated it 1 star

Denae I do like fantasy. I'll add it to my list. Thank you!

karen mmmm food.

Kathleen "wildly implausible on so many levels"


message 17: by Edith (new)

Edith is this a good book?????

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