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Avogadro Corp by William Hertling
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Dec 08, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: fiction, science-fiction, thriller, ebook
Read from December 16 to 23, 2011

I thought it terribly fitting that the QC comic on the day I finished Avogadro Corp was this:

Errr, or not really. What do I know?

I know about as much computer language as it takes to put the image above into a book review. So there is your baseline. I thought the scenario played out in Avogadro was entirely believable. Having worked in the world of high tech for many years, the only part that wasn't believable was the speed of procurement, but then again, ELOPe could have possibly taken care of that.

Imagine if gmail could send emails without you. Just let it know that you're interested in buying concert tickets off Craigslist for the lowest price possible and it takes over and writes some sob story to a dude who can't go to the show because he just lost his grandma. Your email program knows about the grandma, so it writes about how you want to take your own (imaginary) sick uncle who loves Jimmie Buffet and didn't think he'd be able to go but now he's feeling a bit better and you want to surprise him with tickets at the last minute. Of course it works like a charm and the sad dude offers you the tickets for half price. That would be cool. A bit invasive and some major privacy holes, but cool. And didn't Google's launch of Google+ demonstrate their willingness for privacy holes. Yes. It's possible. It could work. Everyone would be a bit creeped out at first, and tweak their privacy settings a little bit and then assume they were safe and go about writing and sending email. Only your grandpa who still uses AOL will occasionally ask you over Thanksgiving dinner why you didn't reply to his forwarded email (that you never received) about how gmail is going to get your house robed while you're on vacation or some dumb thing like that. You don't take him seriously.

That's what the Avogadro Corporation was inventing. Until the R&D team decided to use the software's persuasive power to ensure their project wasn't canceled. So now the internet is buying more servers and buying weaponized robots and hiring programers and manipulating just about everyone into sending more email and not looking into why they can't view their sent mail anymore, not to mention actively preventing the company's attempts to uninstall the program.

In the end it was fascinating to see what means ELOPe used to get toward it's goals. Seems like the author really thought through a lot of AI scenarios. The environmentalist in me thought that would have been cool is if the ELOPe caused the invention of better/safer electronics recycling and/or technology so it could grow it's server needs without running into material shortages. Hmmm, maybe that's in a future book. Also, I would have liked to see the story from the perspective of one of the women.
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message 1: by Fredrika (new)

Fredrika you're famous! the author replied!!!! do you think it was actually him? my ex, greg, who works with computers, will want to know about this book. he tool an AI class our senior year and I think touched on the kind of power this book explored. seriously scary.

Jackie I'm sure it was either him or his email acting on his behalf.

message 3: by Fredrika (new)

Fredrika !!!!!!!

Mike I'm glad you liked Will's book! great review, Jackie!

Sarah Bronte Connor were i can read a better resolution of this comic if yours? please. i cant read your comic AI piece up there.

Jackie Robot17 wrote: "were i can read a better resolution of this comic if yours? please. i cant read your comic AI piece up there." here http://questionablecontent.net/view.p...

Sarah Bronte Connor thank you very much, my friend.

message 8: by Ric (new) - added it

Ric I didn't read your full review ... yet ... because I haven't read the book, yet! But I liked the cartoon so am now considering to actually read the book.

Sarah Bronte Connor when the AI Elope was born and at the same time became self aware, what kind of opinion or reaction it have of humans beings???
did elope became hostyle to humans right away, just like skynet? or friendly like wall-e robot?

message 10: by Margaret (new) - added it

Margaret There was NO book blurb for this so I scrolled through each review until I got to yours. Thank you so much for explaining what actually goes on in the novel and helping me to decide that I do in fact want to read this. :)

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