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Bossypants by Tina Fey
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Dec 08, 2011

really liked it
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Tina Fey seems pretty great. Her writing is very conversational, and she comes across as down-to-Earth and self-deprecating. She clearly doesn't take crap from anyone, and is amazingly self-assured for someone who spends so much time giving herself a hard time. I really admire her and think she's a great role model for all women, proof that you can be sexy and smart without compromising your integrity. Especially now as a father to a young girl, I'm glad that there are people like Tina Fey (and, less famously, my own wife) who I can point to as an example to which my daughter should aspire.

Fey is very level-headed. She addresses all sorts of "hot" topics relating to her life with grace and aplomb. The terrible story behind her scar is briefly given without a hint of self-pity, and then largely forgotten, as it should be. Her complicated relationship with Sarah Palin is also discussed in some-depth--Fey clearly doesn't care for Palin, but also goes out of her way to point out that she deserves more respect and empathy than maybe Fey gave her at the time. It's an interesting and mature look at a situation most of us can only wonder about.

In that same vein, Fey takes on internet commenters, the scourge of celebrity-ism. Again, she shows a grace and humor that mixes well with the genuine hurt that would be the obvious result of vicious, anonymous attacks. Like a lot of other parts of the book, it makes smile and think to yourself, "Good for you! That's how I'd like to be if I were famous!"

There are flaws though. It doesn't flow very well. It starts out chronological, but once the basic biographical basics are given, it sort of bounces around to all manner of topics, from a story about her honeymoon, to beauty tips and fashion shoots, to her experiences with SNL, to the aforementioned internet commenter strike back, and finally to motherhood. It's sort of a jumble. All of it is interesting and mostly enjoyable to read, but, at times, painfully inessential. The beauty tip chapter in particular was a slog for me, as a man who generally doesn't have a need for such things.

Those are small demerits, though, as on the whole the book is an easy and fun read. Tina Fey could pretty easily write a book that was just her snarkily answering letters, and it'd be worth reading.

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