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Moonlight in the Morning by Jude Deveraux
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Dec 07, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** Setting - New York art gallery & Edilean, Virginia - old mansions

Theme - love, life experience building to bring one where one is vs knowing one’s place always

Characters -

Jecca Layton - artist (especially water colors), gallery manager, life long friends with college roommates Kim (of Edilean) and Sophie. She has not sold many of her watercolors, which is depressing/frustrating for her. Having been raised in dad’s hardware store that specialized in fixing machinery, she can fix any tool, she can use any tool... and she and dad helped in plans to renovate buildings.

Joey Layton - her older brother, her competition in the hardware store.
Sheila Layton - Joey’s strong willed wife, who’s looking out for her children, and pushing Joe into retiring and letting the make changes to the store

Joe Layton - her father - owns the hardware store his grandfather owned. Wants and pushes for what he thinks is best for his children.

Kim Aldredge - Jecca’s best friend - they share everything. Her jewelry is selling / taking off, and she asks Jecca to paint 12 paintings to pair with new jewelry to sell on the internet.

Travis Merritt - hinted at a couple of times, as a name Kim has tried to track down for years... and at the very end of the story, she texts that he is found - next book?

Dr. Tristan Aldredge (cousin to Kim, sister to Addy, uncle to Nellie) -town doctor - always new he would doctor, and extremely handsome but all around good guy. He wants a wife and family, In last book he and Genna spent a lot of time together, became friends, and he speculated that he could fall in love with her. But Genna married the town sheriff. He broke his arm In the last story, and his father has put him on rest while he takes care of the patients. Rest is making him crazy, until he hears that Jecca is coming to town for the summer. He met Jenna 8 years earlier when she was in college - they spent only a few minutes together, but she didn’t seem impressed with his doctor status or good looks, but dived in with questions about him personally. He keeps a picture of her, asks Kim about her, and wonders about her.

Nellie Aldredge Sandlin - 8 year old niece to Tristan, pretty, precocious, sensitive, practical. She spends a lot of time with Tris because she knows she will grow up to be a doctor - and Tris does his best to give her a balanced childhood of art and laughter and the out-of-doors. In reflection, she reports that in her class Johnny is good looking, but mean; and Danny is nice and smart, but ugly - and her friend; and when mom asks what she thinks about it, she says it would be nice to have both.

Roan - professor at Berkely, took a sabbatical to write an awful mystery - staying at a cabin in the woods of Edilean - helps out for the talent show.

Livy Wingate - stuffy dead husband, now rents 3 suites with kitchen privileges in her house. Owns speciality clothing store in town. Secretive - a second mother to Tristan, who lives next door - from the age of 2 he would go to her house. She and Lucy (and they include Jecca) exercise every day at 3:00 - with wild videos of pole dancing, kick boxing, belly dancing, etc.

Lucy Cooper - sews anything - has 6 different machines. Provides historical clothes for Livy’s store. Secretive - we learn nothing of her past... but a phone picture of her taken by Jecca and sent to her father sparks her father’s interest -

Plot -

a love story... with the summery, I thought this love story is too simple, they have a summer of love, and then one (probably she) would stay and they would live happily ever after...

But it was a lovely story, with surprises and pleasure.

Dr. Tris is one great guy - great looking, kind hearted, considerate. He is somewhat limited in dating as he won’t date patients, and Edilean is a small town. But the women he dates see the package, and not him - see his looks, see he’s a doctor... and they mostly want him to move to a bigger city and make more money. And he never forgot Jecca - and he is ready for love.

Once Jecca is there, their first 3 meetings are at night - pitch dark night. Only voice and touch. And she’s honest - she needs to work, she needs her career, she needs to sell paintings, and she can’t do that in Edilean - she’s only there for the summer... but right from the start, he’s looking for ways to get her to stay.

Jecca sees great possibilities in the large, old playhouse on Tris’s property - and makes plans with Nellie over the phone - both for its renovation & its upgrade, inside and out.

Niece Nellie confides in Jecca that the rich girl in her class is having an overnight party - and she doesn’t quite fit in with the girls that would be there. This time it’s a fashion show... and Jecca sketches out some outfits, and all pitch in (including Roan, Tris, Livy & Lucy) to make great outfits, for Nellie and some of the other misfit girls (and ugly Danny) - and even for the birthday girl. Roan teaches them a little drama and confidence for their runway walk - and everyone is happy with the results.

And Tris texts Joe - how do I get your daughter to stay? And dad, asks if the town needs a hardware store - and their conspiracy begins - to give dad a 2nd chance (away from Shiela) - to give dad time with Lucy - to be close to Jecca - so Tris buys a warehouse, and they make plans.

And summer is winding down, and it’s time to talk... and Tris thinks he has it in the bag, and takes her to the warehouse... and she is livid with both of them - and asks him how he would feel if a woman demanded he leave his life and livelihood to follow her?

And she returns to New York - and gets full responsibility for the gallery - and she is sad, she tries to bury herself in work, she is hurt he doesn’t try and contact her - she can’t get ahold of her dad... and 6 weeks later, dad shows up, and they make up (he’s living in Livy’s house, and spending nights with Lucy) and he gives her a letter from a clothing manufacturer who saw the fashion show and wants her - and she has a contract - which requires 3 years working from the ground up to learn the business, and then she can work from anywhere.

And she gets a delivery of an art box, with a business card with Dr. Tristan’s new business address in New York - and she goes to him... and he proposes (with a ring Kim designed) - and he’s with her for the 3 years (he was happy to stay forever, but even happier it was only 3 years)... and he still consults with Edilean’s patients (Kim’s brother has taken over the practice) - and their wedding is beautiful.... ahhhh

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