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Their Virgin's Secret by Shayla Black
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Dec 06, 2011

it was ok
Read in March, 2012

** spoiler alert ** This would get one star from me if not for some genuinely adorable scenes with the baby (the most likable character in the book) and the two excerpts of other titles at the end of the book, either of which at least shows more originality than this book. I'm desperate to read the one about the smut author who sings and dances when she's inspired and blocks out sex scenes with Barbies. She sounds a lot like me.

It's just bland, unromantic, and kind of disturbing. This is the third 'ménage romance' I've read (although one of them wasn't a ménage by the end), so maybe I'm wearying of the concept. It's not even funny any more. One woman loving two (or more) guys, even simultaneously, I'm fine with. But this idea of two guys who are somehow incomplete unless they're a package deal... that sounds pathetic to me. A guy who doesn't want to get it up without his brother in the room... I'd call that being gay for the brother, personally. Instead it's pitched as them complementing one another well sexually because one of them is indulgent and the other aggressive. So now we need another man to keep one of the men in check? Sounds a little like a situation I wouldn't want to be getting into.

And then, there's the Alpha stereotype. I think I'd be open to that in a story if done well. What Alpha seems to mean to some authors is a guy who has some serious insecurities from his past and takes these out on his lovers by being needlessly aggro - sometimes to or past the edge of non-con. The one thing I respect about the woman in the book, Jessa, is that she doesn't dwell on the bad stuff in her past more than a normal person would. Her parents have rejected her for not wanting to be in the family business, but she never really seems to have let that get in the way of what she wants. While the two guys, who are, for the record, total heroes who at the start of the book have returned from rescuing girls kidnapped to foreign brothels, are still emoing over some things their uncle said to them when they were kids. They're drawn to Jessa because she seems to instinctively know how to 'handle' them. I suspect I'd be 'handling' them by telling them to get over themselves.

I guess I'll never understand the female desire to 'fix' a guy - let alone two - and I certainly wouldn't be putting up with any 'Alpha' would-be Dom who's just a big whiny baby. But for all purposes, Jessa's not that much brighter than the guys. She gets pregnant because she has de-condom'd sex with the two guys four days after starting the Pill. Now, a lot of people, without having been on the Pill, realise it takes a little while to be as effective as it is. The two guys, who have certainly been around the block and must realise she's probably just gone on them, don't ask questions. They haven't been tested but know they're clean, disease-wise. (I, personally, wouldn't be trusting guys with a penchant for buttsex who are so easily convinced to forego the penis-hat.) Jessa doesn't know she's not totally covered because she rushed out of the clinic not wanting 'a lecture'. And apparently didn't read the directions that came with the prescription? She doesn't ask any female friends for advice, either, because she has none. The two guys are enough for her, she indicates. Yeah, at this point I started to get the impression that Jessa was just as juvenile as her lovers, only in a more subtle way.

The one thing that both intrigued and baffled me was the safe word Jessa chooses. 'Resolution'? It's four syllables! Wouldn't you want something a little shorter to spit out in a panic? And it's a weird choice anyway, but this is never remarked on or explored. And that's pretty much the standard throughout the whole book. Anything remotely interesting is ignored in favour of boring generic three-person sex scenes and stilted, unbelievable action scenes. I found myself dreading the inevitable final sex scene. At least there wasn't an epilogue. How did anyone think publishing this was a good idea?
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