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There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff
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This book is very, very much not-for-everyone. ALSO: I feel the need to insert a quick warning. Liking How I Live Now does not mean that you will like this book. Enjoying Just In Case means you probably will. Rosoff has the same dry omniscient voice in There Is No Dog that she uses for Just In Case, but it's not voice-driven like How I Live Now, and there's quite a lot more philosophical stuff (although treated light-heartedly and in my opinion, in the perfect balance of serious and witty). Basically, I think this will be the perfect book for anyone who liked Just In Case, because in my mind it's a big step up.

I was put off when I bought it because of my GR friend, Nomes, not being able to finish it. (Yes. Yes. Throw tomatoes. I am that pathetic.) BUT...while I absolutely loved it (this is more like a 4.75, but I just couldn't give it 5 stars because of the ending), I also saw why she (and why others by extension) wouldn't. It has a very specific humour - it's very, very quirky, a little dark and quite British. I hate stereotyping by country but it had that snarky dry humour that most people associate with us Brits. That made me really surprised to discover that Rosoff herself is actually American, but hey, whatever, it's just what kept popping into my head as I was reading. Don't worry about the religion side of things - even though this portrays God as self-absorbed, narcissistic and prone to teenage temper tantrums, it's done with a dose of quirk and humour that doesn't make it seem like an assault on theology. I just found myself hooting so often throughout the book, at things like:

[Bob, sixteen-year-old God, and Mr. B, his handler of sorts, are talking about Bob's newest crush, Lucy.]

'It might go down better than appearing as a giant reptile encased in a ball of fire and forcing yourself on her.'



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