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Deepest Blue by Mindy Tarquini
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it was amazing

If you're looking for a clever, original, insightful story with a powerful message then look no further. Mindy Tarquini is back with the intricately woven folklore tale, Deepest Blue. With her first two novels Tarquini has demonstrated that she knows how to deliver the goods. Every book is rewarding and Deepest Blue is no exception.

This is a story about a group of brothers in mythical Panduri who are bound by their star charts and birthrights and what they are told is expected of them. Rather than feeling secure because they have a destiny plotted out for them from a young age the brothers chafe against their assigned roles...

All but one, that is. Matteo carries resentment, because when Antonio does not assume the mantel of Heir and steals Matteo's destiny, Matteo is left with a future he did not choose for himself. He blames his brother and his father for it. The consequences of refusing to follow a path that aligns with your stars plays out in the novel as we follow the brothers' lives.

This is an engaging story that moves at a blistering pace, and it's a story that has layers of meaning, that reveals truths we can all relate to. What really drives the plot, in many respects, is Matteo's need for answers and the need others have to keep their secrets hidden away. What is hidden often tends to be revealed, and sometimes at the most inopportune time. Honesty and communication would have served these stubborn men better and quite possibly prevented much of the heartbreak they would face instead.

Deepest Blue is a powerful tale that takes us to a mythical place where magic and the simple and purest joys in life are prized above all else, where the citizens celebrate the rising of the sun and the coming of Midsummer. It challenges us to see if we can find peace by accepting what has happened without the need to satisfy our whys and it warns us of the possible consequences of digging up truths that were meant to remain buried away. It invites us to take our tome and pen our confession, to make our peace with those we love and those we have not always loved but should. It offers us the hope that, in spite of our transgressions, rainbows will follow the storm clouds and the Deep Lore will hold. The hope that we will have a chance to live to see another day and we can become a better person than we have been and find joy as we move past our pain.

If you haven't read a book by Tarquini before then I can only encourage you to sit down and strap yourself in for the ride with faith that every question that needs to be answered will be and that in the end you will be able to look back on the subtle story threads that have been woven together and see that every reveal has been earned. Tarquini is a writer for sharp readers and rarely is a word or phrase insignificant in her text. She has a sophisticated and distinct writing style that demands the reader's full attention and rewards them for it. Deepest Blue is folklore. It's unlike anything I've read in a very long time and the only complaint I have is wanting more. More of Panduri and the magic of that beautiful Inside land where those of us on the Outside do not belong.

Plot-wise, I would not want to give things away, but it is important to have faith in the writer. Let your imagination take root in Panduri's fertile soil as you uncover the hidden truths that have shaped the lives of Antonio, Matteo and Claudio and what these revelations will means for generations of Panduri's citizens for years to come.
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