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The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman
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it was amazing
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***There May Be Some Indirect Spoilers, I Try To Be As Vague As Possible ***

I am fine tuning the specific kinds of books I like and this series just made it to the top of my list. I originally discovered this book while doing a Bookstore browse and was actually pulled in by the fourth installment of the series. That book's cover had a Great Gatsby layout that piqued my interest, but, as an avid book collector and lover of series I had to start with the first book to be sure it was worth the time.

"The Invisible Library", did not disappoint. The book was full of my favorite things, an amazing creatively developed world with relatable, snarky characters. A creative magical system that uses actual language, (both written and spoken) to thrive. Secret Societies dedicated to the procurement of specialty works of fiction, "By Any (most) Means Necessary" Alternate worlds offering various pending adventures as well as misadventures and a female protagonist, which I'm always down for.

There is even mild sexual tension between Irene and Kai and a possible love triangle if we are making Vale a true contender for those who enjoys a little romance to break up their action. Cogman did a great job at developing the plot so that the reader was gradually transported to the same conclusions the characters reached around the same time. I will admit, on a few occasions, I even guessed at some of the scenes. A true indicator that I was connecting with the story.

The Invisible Library, was a relatively quick read and I would have finished it sooner, if not for family emergencies and a dread of finishing before I had time to buy the next book. This is one series I'm considering borrowing from the library.

I choose my fantasy mostly based on the entertainment factor. Though a few books manage to toss in an underlying message that I have to dissect later. This book had such a quality. The nature of the library isn't to interfere nor is it to become attached, yet in essence it's function seems to be a contradiction. Agents must intervene in order to intercept the works of fiction, either passively as in most missions (as explained by Irene) or through more direct methods as displayed in the story. Likewise forming attachments, at times prove useful as secrecy isn't always best when trying to gain information.

I was satisfied with how the first book ended understanding that there is more to it since there are four completed works in this series. I love the overall concept that a secret society of librarians exist to gather books from alternate realms. The Mythos behind it's forming and its true nature are also things I'm looking forward to learning more about. Very eager to get my hands on the next book, which the author was so kind as to include as an excerpt in the first one.

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12.16% "Irene is an interesting character so far I'm loving her inner dialogue. I enjoy the pace of the book so far, the action sequence in chapter one definitely sucked me in. The world that is the 'library', is a labyrinth of books punctuated by 90s style dial -up computers and is tasked with procuring rare copies of books across a series of alternate dimensions. Already I'm hooked into the story, but sending them to -->"
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12.16% "an alternate universe where chaos is so out of control "dragons" haven't touched it yet. I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next, obviously they discover the book they were sent for is missing right? I wonder who this woman is...reading on."
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30.7% "Perhaps Irene is into girls since she had that issue with a female cat burglar in the past. maybe she doesn't mix business with pleasure..."
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35.26% "Something is definitely awry in this world. This book has a bit of everything I love and it's teaching me some pretty cool vocab while giving me a great read. There's a Sherlock Holmes type of character, faeries, a bit of steampunk, some mad scientists, magic, a missing book, (this entire series is about books and the power within them) plus sensible sexual tension. Taking a break to get some other things done."
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51.06% "As of yesterday Irene has found herself unable to use her powers and stuck in a world where CHAOS is reigning super hard. What I love about this book so far is that each of the characters seems to be harboring some dark secret so even our allies are suspicious. It definitely makes this a more thrilling read. Kai 's history seems to be the key to figuring out why he hates Vale so much and Vale's history remains a blur"
July 22, 2018 –
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51.06% "I will say that I did guess accurately the identity of Belphegor from the moment Irene and Kai made it through the door. My suspicions were strengthened when Irene and Silver found the note and confirmed in the last chapter. :)"
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61.09% "128 pages to go. I feel like this book is gonna end on a cliffhanger. We've had some pretty shocking revelations and I'm still left with sooo many questions. Everyone is after this book! The suspense over what is so special about the book itself is killing as well as not knowing who actually has it! More than halfway through this fast-paced read. The title is very deceptive there is nothing quiet about this library."
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76.6% "I knew Bradamant couldn't be trusted and I think I know who she's working for."
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