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How to Be an Elephant by Katherine Roy
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Content Area-Science
We would be learning about animals and where they live and how they adapt to their environment.

Remembering- List 6 different skills the baby elephant needs to learn while she is a baby.

Understanding- After reading the, use some of the skills a baby elephant needs to learn and compare it to what a baby human needs to learn.

Applying- Using a different animal of your choice, complete a venn diagram of the baby elephant and your animal to see the differences and similarities of what it takes to grow up as each animal.

Analyzing- Explain what you would do to make sure a baby elephant learned everything it needs to if you found one and you were in charge of taking care of it.

Evaluating- Discuss why it is important that the elephant family sticks together to teach the baby elephant how to be a successful elephant.

*It is important for the families to stay together to make sure the baby is always being watched and protected. On top of that, the baby elephant will not only learn from one parent, but other elephants they are surrounded by. Since they will learn from multiple elephants, they will be well rounded and learn different skills that maybe their own mom didn't know.*

Creating- Elephants are similar to humans because we need our families to teach us how to do many things. Imagine if you had grown up with elephants instead of your parents. Would you be the same? What would be different about you?

*I would be completely different because elephants do things so differently. For example, I would probably try to drink water by scooping my arms as if it was a trunk. I would also try to scare animals that want to eat me instead of hiding like I would do now. Another difference would be the ability to keep up with the elephants. Maybe I would never learn to walk because they don't really teach their babies. Walking is instinctual and they practice until they succeed whereas humans have to actually learn to sit, crawl, stand, then walk.
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