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Rainbow Place by Jay Northcote
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So, I think I seem to be a minority on this one.
I was really on the fence.....
Seb seems to be one of the only out gay men in his town, everyone else seems to be deep in the closet, wanting to be discreet or way too young for him. So, at the insistence of his out and proud married neighbors, after running an idea by them, he decides to make the cafe he was going to open, an LGBT+- friendly cafe. I loved the idea of this, man, if there were more places like this, especially in smaller communities, like mine... it would go such a long way in opening some minds and making our community a safer place for those who need it.
Sighhhh, if only.

Finding a contractor who sees his vision might be tricky, but he lucks out when he gets Jason and his assistant Will.... I was pleasantly surprised by Will, I thought he was going to be a problem, but he wasn't, he was so great.... Jason, on the other hand, was deep, deep in the closet to everyone except his ex-wife, who he remained best friends with and they raised their daughter together.

Because Jason was so deep in the closet, the attraction he and Seb felt towards one another had to be kept a secret... I couldn't imagine how that would feel for either of them. Seb being out, and Jason being afraid... I understood it, I seriously did; I don't think anyone should be forced to come out before they're ready, and some may never be ready... but it's selfish to ask the person you have feelings for and who has feelings for you, to keep that a secret. Not keep your secret a secret, but keep a relationship or their feelings a secret. I didn't like that. I felt like, even though I understood it, I still felt it selfish, because I knew that Seb had deeper feelings for Jason.

In saying that, I really didn't feel much of a connection between these two until the very end. It was very clinical hookups, it almost felt like a doctor and patient exchanging of mutual pleasure.
I'm sure it was enjoyed, but the way it was explained and the dialogue just seemed....I dunno, clinical is the only way to describe it. I didn't get it, didn't feel it at all.

I was also disappointed when things go wrong and the one time.... the absolute time in wich Seb would need Jason, he cut and run and hid away. That was..... I couldn't believe that, it made me incredibly sad. I dunno if there would've been redemption for me. Of course, he makes a grand gesture that I thought was nice, but it seemed to me like he done it for the wrong reason and I dunno, I just didn't like it.

What I loved, was when Seb needed it, the community came together to support him and his cafe.
You don't have to be a memeber of the LGBT+ community, to support them, and I loved loved loved seeing that!!

By the end, I was glad that it worked out because I love getting a HEA, but I mostly wanted it for Seb because I thought that he deserved it and because I know he had feelings for Jason.
Jason I felt got lucky and I never really warmed up to him. I'm not sure I'll continue the series, but I would like to see more from this Alex, who was the bigots son... so perhaps we'll see?

3 stars from me.
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