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Wicked by Nancy Holder
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Jun 12, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: chicklit, scifi-and-fantasy, mean-teens, promiscuity, meh, teen-reads, girl-power
Recommended for: readers of fantasy and fans of magic & witchcraft.

The first half, Witch, is fairly good. The second half, Curse, is tedious, boring, sophomorically written and riddled with cliches, and reads like nothing so much as a Charmed ripoff written in the BTVS vernacular, albeit one in which the heroine is evil. It's not really a YA novel. It deals with more adult themes, and editors, writers, and publishers all need to learn that just because a book has a teenaged protagonist doesn't make it a young adult novel. Definitely NOT for the preteen (or probably early teen) set. Coming at this review as one who works in a bookstore and is often asked about the teen novels, I would not be inclined to recommend this for a variety of reasons, to whit:
1. Deals with black magic as if that's normal and completely fine, and white magic is for the weak. Even the "good guys" practice black magic and sacrifice things, and frankly, I would NEVER in a million years recommend this to 99% of the customers asking me for books for that reason alone. Most of them are people who are fine with Harry Potter, but worshipping the devil, sacrificing cats and using magic to murder and get ahead rather puts them off, especially when there are no real repercussions or lessons learned from it.
2. The subject matter is very dark and adult and deals with extramarital affairs and a relationship in which a 17 year old girl is sleeping with her college boyfriend - who happens to be evil. Also, murder abounds as the norm. Frankly, Lois Duncan has done all this before and done it better. And in way fewer pages. Jeebus, yawn. I skipped mass portions of Curse, I was just so sick of it. It could have easily been half as long as it was.
3. There's no real girl power in this at all, which is surprising for a book that's supposed to be about a girl and her witchy female cousins who are all descended from a long line of powerful witches.

I'm sure there's more, but I finished it a couple of days ago and am really just so over it now. Basically it boils down to go get yourself some Lois Duncan instead. You'll be much happier and way more creeped out.
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Ancient Wow, I have to agree with you. Thanks for the tip on Lois Duncan. I will be checking her work out.

Scribblegirl Get Summer of Fear. That thing creeped me out big when I was in junior high. She also wrote I Know What You Did Last Summer.

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