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Defying the Odds by Kele Moon
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Dec 04, 2011

really liked it
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Read from December 21 to 22, 2011

“He felt blindsided by the pleasure and longing she churned up in him. He didn’t think he could want this badly or ache this deeply until they’d fallen into each other’s lives.”

Melody Dylan has escaped an abusive marriage and now set her roots in the small town of Garnet. Arriving with only the clothes on her back and her beat up truck, she takes a job at the local diner as a waitress in order to afford rent and daily necessities. Although she feels like she is emotionally “broken” given the abuse she faced from her ex-husband, she has not given up on men or making friends in her new surroundings.

UFC Hall of Fame heavyweight, Clay Powers aka “Powerhouse,” is known as the town’s champion fighter. Rough around the edges, Clay’s demeanor and presence is intimidating to most of the locals, but not to Melody. Noticing that Clay is having Thanksgiving meal alone in the diner, she offers a simple act of kindness and serves him a piece of pumpkin pie. Clay is shocked by the gift and by Melody’s genuine and unselfish nature. This simple gift forms a connection they both feel for the other, setting them on a journey of affection and desire neither can escape. As their relationship takes flight, Clay is preparing for the biggest fight of his career and is unaware that Melody’s past may be catching up to her and may have disastrous consequences for their future as a couple.

If you are a fan of Kele Moon’s work or a first time reader, you will not be disappointed in this sweet and steamy story of an unlikely couple, both with broken pasts, who discover an unusual and immediate attraction and companionship in each other. Ms. Moon lays a well developed foundation of Clay and Melody’s broken pasts and how they form a flirty, friendship that quickly develops into intimate feelings and desires neither can deny. Clay sees a strong, survivor in Melody along with a passionate spirit and lush body that he yearns to savor and cherish. Melody sees a sweet, gentle giant in Clay as well as someone she could easily love and surrender herself completely to, body and soul.

“Their kissing was carnal and passionate in a way she’d never imagined. Sharing the same air with him was addictive. Connecting with him tasted like her first sip of wine—sweet and intoxicating. She wanted more.”

“She was surprisingly receptive and uninhibited, but then so was Clay when they were together. He felt cracked open and exposed to her, but he craved her so damn much he couldn’t stop to worry about it.”

The palpable chemistry between Clay and Melody was enhanced by Ms. Moon’s realistic writing. The dialect of the characters is what I would categorize as “Southern Slang” which is peppered with references to “ain’t” and double negative sentence structures, both of which are common in rural towns. While it was noticeable, it was not a distraction but brought an authenticity to the characters once the town setting and people were established. (But for the record, as a true Southerner myself, I do not speak the dialect of the Garnet town folk! )

In Defying the Odds, we not only get a true feel of being an observer in the world of UFC fighting and martial arts, but also witness a refreshingly sweet discovery of how opposites attract and re-establish trust in both themselves and each other. Ms. Moon’s writing is both candid and captivating, pulling the reader into the emotional highs and lows of the characters she creates. Drawing a tangible vulnerability and uninhibited freedom to both characters, as the reader you are consumed by their emotion when they finally surrender to each other. And I can’t go without saying that Ms. Moon can write some of the most steaming hot love scenes I have read in erotic romance. Her depth of character and emotional connection makes it all the more raw and passionate and will unleash your inner voyeuristic nature!

“His arms were hooked under her knees, opening her wide, leaving her exposed and waiting for that first hard thrust that never came. Instead the crescendo built; the need boiled and raged. Melody would be begging if she could give up the addictive feel of his kiss long enough to find her voice.”

Laying the foundation of close knit friends in a small town setting, Defying the Odds is a sexy, solid opener to the Battered Hearts series and would be the perfect companion to heat up your night during the winter season.

Favorite Quote:

“You know, for the amount of money they expect for this meal, I ain’t all that impressed. Maybe it’s just me. But if I pay eighty bucks for a piece of meat, that thing better vibrate. I want long-lasting satisfaction outta the investment.”

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