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The Blessed by Ann H. Gabhart
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Dec 03, 2011

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Before I picked up this novel, I thought that the Shakers were pretty much the same as the Amish, only with more enthusiastic worship services. I had never studied or researched anything about them. So, before I started reading, I went to the place I go on the Web when I want semi-useful information: Wikipedia.

Wow, was I wrong about the Shakers (and my apologies to the Amish). One thing in particular that was especially surprising to me was that the Shakers thought that marriage was evil and lived a life of celibacy – everyone lived as brothers and sisters. It seems that this would make it very difficult for a religion to survive, if only for the fact that there would be no children naturally born into the community. (In fact, according to Wikipedia, there are currently only five surviving members who belong to the Shaker religion).

Getting to the actual novel, I thought the best part was the story. Even though the setting was strange, the plot was interesting and kept me reading, as did the characters. I really liked Lacey, especially when she was constantly thinking through what she believed. She was living with this odd group of people who had beliefs that I would consider to be blasphemous (since the Shakers’ founder, “Mother Ann,” claimed to be a female Christ), yet Lacey’s faith was stronger than their persuasions. I liked it when she would examine something that the Shakers told her through the lens of what she knew to be true from the Bible and find their beliefs lacking. Her faith was based on her belief in Christ and the Bible, and her knowledge of the Scripture and how to apply it to her life was refreshing.

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