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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews
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Dec 03, 2011

really liked it

Okay, so I'll go ahead and admit that if I had read this entire book in one setting it might have recieved five stars. I'm not totally sure about that, but I think it's one of those books that is more enjoyable if you keep in the right mind for it. Unfortunately, I work a lot and it took me about three nights to read it. It was still hilarious. Speaking of, it would be a good idea to avoid reading this book in public. You will definitely be laughing out loud.

You might be asking yourself, "but isn't this book about some girl with cancer?" The answer is "no, it's not." It's about a boy who knew a girl with cancer and how his acquaintance changed his life (for better or worse, though he'll tell you it was for worse). Greg's story if full of his quirky humor, creating a pretty light-hearted book about cancer (well, not about cancer, but you know what I mean). It's the first time I've laughed that much during a book with such depressing undertones. I will say I disgree with Greg's statement that the book contains no real life lessons or moments of clarity. Greg most definitely learns a few things from his experience. There's even a moment or two of harsh reality slapping him in the face and forcing him to wake up and see things the way they truly are. I just wanted to throw that out there for anyone who feels like they might not get anything from the book. It's there, he just tries to hide it really well under his humor.

Earl and Rachel are both enjoyable characters. Though I never got to know Rachel all that well, I couldn't help but like her. Earl, however, is awesome. I loved him throughout the entire book. There's also a few minor characters that are fun: Mr McCarthy and Greg's helicopter mom. The story is really focused on Greg though, and he's pretty fun even when he's being a colassal jerk.

There are some sections written in script and some sections written in bullet points. I also got to enjoy Greg's commentary on how awful the book is throughout. Greg likes to give commmentary. He's the king of that. All in all, it was an enjoyable book and a great debut from Jesse Andrews. I'll look forward to any other books he might publish.

Just a heads up: there's a lot of profanity and vulgarity. I wouldn't hand it to a thirteen-year-old or anything.

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