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Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
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I felt like giving myself 5 stars for finishing this- it's not a bad book or anything, it just has a little too many endless paragraphs of description for my liking. They were about things I couldn't care less about, like a wall. Or every tree in a 2 mile radius of eragon. I'm exagerrating, but nowhere near as much as I wish I was.

At first I didn't think I would enjoy the book. Considering I can't even remember reading the first three anymore, I got just the teensiest bit lost. Okay understatement but whatever. I would definitely reccomend reading at least one before to refresh your memory. Annywaaaay I racked my memory and managed to remember enough that I wasn't staring at the pages like a constipated person who's had all their furniture stolen from them. Huh, weird imagery I know...

What impressed me the most with this book was the ending (which don't worry I will not spoil because that would suck). What I will say is that after epic battles you can't have happy endings. You just can't. (IMO) they need to be bittersweet. Tolkein knew this- not that I know he knew it, I've just watched the LOTR films (which are awesome)and Paolini also knew it. Though, I don't put the Tolkein reference in this review lightly... it's heavily weighed with implications that someone was heavily influenced by the other.

Similarities between Lord of the Rings and Inheritance series aside....

The characters, world and lore were very well thought out and described really nicely (if not excessively). The plot was also as usual really well planned and tied up nicely. The POVs were all very good and helped give my mind a break from monotony.

I liked it. I wish I loved it because it's really quite long and it would've made it more worthwhile. I wouldn't say I was dissapointed by it because the tone and pace it was written in were the same in the first three so I expected its slowness even if I didn't appreciate it. I don't know, I just wasn't as moved as I hoped I would be, though it was a very nice book and I am happy to have read it. I'll probably have to read the four of them back to back at one point to appreciate it properly, but hey.
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