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Cocky Roomie by Faleena Hopkins
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did not like it

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I caved. I had to know. She talks the cocky talk, but does she walk the cocky walk.

Right off the bat
On first meeting, at the front door.

“Yeah, well, I’m not a boy.”
Jake’s eyes drift to my blouse again. “By how your nips turned pebble-hard when I opened the door, I can see that. Even through a padded bra, too. Impressed.”

Then he drops the towel and stands in the doorway naked.
Is she offended?
Nope, she's checking out his veiny mushroom-shaped tip as he holds it out to her.
He continues to expose himself even after asking him to cover up.

Small flash back. Drew is 33 years old, and sounds like a 14 year old when she explains to her DADDY, yes she calls him Daddy, that she is moving to Atlanta.

Now finally inside the house we get

“Because I am not the fool around type. And you are too young for me. If you can’t keep it in your pants from your own willpower, then let me help you out. I have no desire to sleep with you!”
“That’s not what your nipples are saying.”
“They get like that when I’m upset!!”

First off...OMG! really...eye roll.
Secondly...I've never gotten upset and popped THO because of it.

When Jake still wants a male roommate Drew starts up the waterworks and Jake caves instantly.


Lets jump a little.
When Drew resist his advances Jake tells her
“Drew, let me save you from feeling sorry for me. It would have been a mercy fuck had I taken you to my bed. Good luck on your interview.”


Drew shows up at Jake's job for an interview.
They have sex for the first time, on his desk, during the interview.

During this

Desperate to do what he wants, I whisper the thing no man wants to hear, “I want to be pregnant.” He looks at me.
His eyes go hard and his teeth clench.
A roar rips from his lungs and through his body.
His erection expands in both girth and length.

I wish my hubby had a magic penis like that!!!!


Now things get quite boring for a while

but it does pick up again.


I shook my head for several minutes over a couple things.

“No? Not even with this?” He holds his length out in his palm. “It’s a good vintage. A very good year. Have a sip.”
:::eye roll:::

2. She refers to her own vagina as a cave. This takes me out of the scene. (2nd time I believe)

3. I'm not a stickler on the C word, like some. If it's set in Australia or New Zealand you can say it a million times and it won't bother me. But if you are in the US, you only really get a pass if you are a biker or something like that. It's not a common slang word here.

7 times the word cunt was used.

Then things get a little OTT

Okay...we are getting close to the end here....I think the torture is over but then the big one hits

To a receptionist
“Oh, that sucks,” I say, “Nothing better than mint chocolate chip.” This earns me the first smile she’s given since I walked in. She’s a dike, so my charms have fallen flat.

Okay! A woman doesn't fall down at your feet and beg for your cock at first site, so she must be a dike!

After that last bombshell hit, my only thought from then on was...

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Liz (Bugetta) Thanks for taking the hit so I didn't have to give in to my curiosity. Good lord that was bad. On so many levels.

Tamara So so bad. I gave up half a chapter in, I admire your persistence!

Makes you wonder about her perception of reality though. If you can think you're the shit with that kind of writing, you must be conceited af :/

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~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ Skye - thanks for taking one for the team. When I see this shit, I gratefully remember why I read m/m!

ETA - ugh, can't spell

Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆ First time for Raine, I get Star a lot at work. lol
And since my hubby refuses to call me Skye, and I go by Skye at work, he asks for Moon Pie Star Dust.

~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ Friend Raine was right above your review, doh! Then I forgot your e. Allz I know is your my friend :)

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