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The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda
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Dec 01, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: 01-to-06-2012
Read in April, 2012

Wow. Just simply wow. I am in love with this book. It’s such a refresher to read from a guy’s point of view. Through-out the entire story, my heart was racing for him and his survival. Sometimes, I realized I stopped breathing because I was so worried about him getting noticed for what he is.

Gene is human living in a vampire society. For all he knows, he could be the only one left. His father taught him everything he needs to know to survive. He shaves almost every piece of hair off of him so he can’t sweat. Human body odor makes them go crazy. He keeps his face expressionless and emotionless at most points, never trying to see abnormal. He never tries to draw attention to himself. He also never dates or gets romantically close to any girl. And last but not least, his father reminds him “to never forget who you are”.

Gene has done the routines by himself for awhile with some close calls. But when the Ruler announces there is going to be a Heper Hunt, and Gene gets his lottery number called. The Hunt is a game for them to hunt out humans, aka hepers. Gene is selected along with a classmate Ashley June, to be in the Hunt. Being selected is good thing, if you’re a vampire, because humans have become nearly extinct and finding one among vampires is rare. So being part of the Hunt is like a once in a lifetime event. Everyone is thrilled except Gene.

It gets a lot rougher for him while they are training at Facility that holds the hepers. He doesn’t have the supplies he needs to survive. Like water or a sharp object to cut his hair. And the other lottery winners are taking notice. Sometimes, I was worried he wouldn’t even make it to the Hunt because sooner or later he would die, either from thirst or being eaten alive.

And, man, did this guy have some almost-death scenes?! That alone makes the book really hard to put down.

There is also romance slowly growing. Gene, however, follows his dad rules and doesn’t return the romance at first. He can’t fall in love with one of them. Because if they got and heated, he would start sweating and the girl would know what he is. He would become the meal.

By the ending, I was on the edge of seat and with the last sentence you know the story isn’t over yet. Can’t wait for the sequel!

There are few similarities to the Hunger Games but the only one I really noticed was it being a game and they’re chosen by lottery. They don’t really train but actually learn more about the hepers. I mean they’re vampires, why would they need to train?

It was a fast-moving read with heart-racing details and an excellent, brave main character. The Hunt is definitely a read you don’t want to miss.


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