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Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Dec 01, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: junk

I liked the Merry Gentry series, much more so than the Anita Blake series. Over the years, LKH had gone from writing paranormal fantasy to paranormal romance/erotica, and I actually put up with the crappy plots and continued reading regardless. I sort of lost faith after awhile with Anita Blake, but at least I retained some level of interests with Merry Gentry. In fact, I thought the last instalment in the series was fair.

This book though, was a complete disaster. I simply could not think of a better word for it. Why oh why LKH decided to write another book in the series was beyond me – the series would have been decent enough with where things were left in the last book. This novel baffled me – it was filled with such non-sensical stuff that it left me with a huge and painful indigestion.

The main plot of the book was about Merry and her men assisting the police in the investigation of a series of fey related murders. It would have been nice if the Princess and her gang were actually doing some investigation and mystery solving. Oh noooo, the majority of the book was spent in a lot of talking which held no significance whatsoever to the advancement of the plot nor for furthering development of any of the characters. Merry and her men were just doing a lot of chatting, fighting, getting jealous and trying to out-manoeuvre each other. Enough already!!! I had to endure that for the last 7 books in this series!! I thought after the ending of the last book, at least this book would be more about the sidhe getting adjusted to the human technological world and getting prepared for the babies. Well, there wasn’t much of that at all. The actual mystery solving was minimal and the bad guys were revealed through storytelling from another character in the story. So what happened? The guys followed the leads provided and voila – they found their killers! This was the absolute worst mystery ever written, if you could even call it that!!!

I was so bored by this book that I was losing my patience about one-third into it. I ended up skipping pages and chapters just so I could quickly finish it. For other hesitating readers out there, I advise you that all you’ll need to read is the first quarter of the book and the last few chapters, and you’d be able to get the jist of things. All the stuff in between – it’s not value-adding at all.

The various sexual activities that Merry engaged herself in throughout this book were also troubling. Really, having six permanent lovers and fathers to twins that she was carrying weren’t enough to make her stop and think about her actions? The sex was over-done, unnecessary, and did not fit the plot at all. It felt as though LKH just wanted to spice up her dry and unexciting tale with her predictable sex scenes, with varying partners. But then, all the descriptions applied were the same, I cannot fathom why anyone, even those readers who were purely looking for the romantic elements, would find these fascinating... Same words reused over and over again... pleasure... scream... wet... tight... writhing... Gawd, you’d think after all those 20+ Anita Blake and Merry Gentry books, she’d come up with something more original than these usual words that she so preferred to use. I wanted to gouge my eyes out after reading the same things over and over again in different parts of the novel.

I would not recommend this book to anyone. Not even those who might have enjoyed the series as I did. Save your time and money for something else. Quite frankly, no matter how bad her books had become, I had not yet rated any of LKH’s books less than 2 stars. I am now truly fed up with all this junk and can’t be bothered anymore.... I give 1 star only, and even then I think I may be being generous.

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message 1: by Kenya (new)

Kenya Wright You are a faithful reader girl cause I gave up on LKH man... she murked out into full on erotica.

LOL@ fighting gettin jeolous and out maneurving each other!

lol Merry has twins oh god!!

lol@pleasurem scream tught

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