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Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep
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Dec 01, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: omg-me-want-now, kindle


Gwen started out as an outcast at the beginning of her Junior year at Mytho's academy and now she still the same girl she was at the beginning the Gypsy girl who doesn't fit in with any group,but now after surviving Jasmine Ashton who almost killed Gwen in Book 1 and her crazy reaper brother,Gwen has grown to love her power because now she knows theres more to her power than finding lost things. Gwen has also found strong allies in Mythos Academy, Daphne a Valkyrie who knows how to kick ass, Logan who is Gwen maybe boyfriend,and many others.

Gwen will also learnt that her mom didn't die from a car accident ,but that the reapers were sent to kill her mother and retrieve the final Relic that will finally free Loki. Now Gwen has to find the Relic before the reapers find it and she also has to find out who were the reapers sent out to kill her mother and Gwen,but what Gwen doesn't know is that the killer might just be someone close to her and if Gwen doesn't find out who the reaper is,well that might just be the end for Gwen and Mythos Academy.


I love that this is one of the only YA series that doesn't focus on forever love or love triangles (gag).
I don't think I can ever be bored from reading about Gwen. If Jennifer ever decided to extend the series to 30 books I will still be hooked on the series,because Jennifer has a way of writing and creating a world that you can't help be drawn to, and I wish I would have gone to Mytho's Academy. I think the only problem i had with the book was that Gwen is still to trusting and nice. I have thought that by now Gwen would have learned her lesson from trying to help Jasmine ,and with what went down with Preston, but no she's still to trusting and a lot of shit could have been avoided if Gwen would have grown a mean bone.

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