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Swallow Me Whole by Nate Powell
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Dec 01, 2011

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This was one of the most disturbingly entertaining graphic novels i've ever read. It's about two siblings who have these really strange hallucinations because of their psychological state. The main character, Ruth, has all of these crazy moments were she starts seeing a whole swarms of insects that, hence the title, swallow her whole. Her brother suffers a slightly different type of illusions about a wizard that makes him draw. I think this book was incredibly tense especially when she starts to see the insects. I would always feel a bit scared when ever seeing one and I really think that Nate Powell really captured the moment. The one thing about this book that really bothers me though is that there is not really a plot. It's really just like a lot of really scary things happen nothing really gets solved. Though we learn a lot about characters and their stories, there was this confusing aspect to it.

Aside from that, the novel's visual is absolutely amazing. As small artist my self, I found every single page so appealing in all the details and expressions. Its black and white theme really creates this mood throughout the book, making it feel vaguely creepy. And the faces. Those faces are so full of emotion and different that i sorta got a idea of what that character will be like. It's just amazing. I just can't get over how well constructed the visuals are in every page.

Overall this book was pretty good. I'd recommend to people who are interested in dark stories and dramatic teenage lifestyles. Its also fit for an older audience too because of some of the ideas presented in the novel. But to all artists, I would totally recommend this book. But still take in the fact that their is no real plot. This book though, is still really a piece of work.

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