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The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson
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Jun 10, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: summer-reading, young-adult, romance, inspirational, friendship

I LOVE PARKER!!! He's super funny and NICE!! Too bad Nina went back to her ex-boyfriend because he realised he made a mistake and dumped his recent girlfriend for Nina again, she forgave him and gave him a chance. Parker is such an adorable boy and super sweet and totally loved Nina... poor Parker. :<

Anyways I don't wanna give anything away but this is better than I expected, minus the gay part because that threw me off but it teaches a good deal about how people mistreat gays. *cough* Mel's lame mother *cough* Heads up... the ending is REALLY bad... like I said, Nina left Parker for GRRRR meanie Steve! Also it kind of ended off note, like something was missing. ALOT missing.

Eh but I still recommend, PARKER IS SO CUTE!!! This is when Nina was going crazy about Steve's non-communication since he lives real far away and Parker was giving her advice. Read this:

"Want my thoughts on this?"
"Tell me"
"Okay." Parker turned himself around so that he was facing Nina directly. "If I were this guy, and I had a totally devoted girlfriend who wrote to me every day and called me all the time, I would drive out here and live in my car."
"But he rides a bike."
"He's going to need a car for my plan. It doesn't have to be a really good car."
"How's he going to live?" Nina asked. "What would he eat?"
"He can drink water from the springs. We've got a hundred friggin springs around this town spurting up the healthiest water on the planet or something, and it's totally free. He can live on that. Live to be a hundred."
"Just water?"
"Okay, water, and discount bread that they sell at the end of the day at the bakery. And there are ducks all over the place."
"He's vegatarian."
"Oh God," Parker said with a sigh. He pucked the Swedish fish from his cup and wielded it to make his point. "Fin. You know what? He can EAT his car. Piece by piece. It's been done before. There are guys in India who have eaten whole cars just to show that they can do it. It's one of those David Blaine kind of endurance things."
"If he eats his car, where's he going to live?"
Parker rolled his eyes. "It's going to take him a WHILE to eat the car." he explained. It'll probably take until spring, and by then it'll be warm. He won't need shelter anymore."
"This is your plan? Is that you do for your girlfriend?"
"That is my hypothetical plan for my hypothetical girlfriend."
"Well, I practically have a hypothetical boyfriend, so..."
"So there you go."
There was a brightness to Parker's eyes-a huge booming enthusiasm that was catching.
"I like this plan," she said, while getting up and making the way back to the punch bowl. "I wish he thought like you."

~Page 241-2

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