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The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke
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Dec 01, 2011

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** WARNING, this review contains spoilers.

"The Thief Lord" is a book about two boys named Prosper and Boniface (Bo), and their adventures with a band of Venetian kids who have run away from their families and made a home with each other in an abandoned movie theater. When Propser and Bo first arrive in Venice after running away from their aunt, they are tired, hungry, and lost until one of the kids in the group, Hornet, crosses their path and invites them to join their group. They are taken under the wings of the group's leader, who has come to call himself the Thief Lord (his real name is Scipio). Propser and Bo learn how the kids have lived off of Scipio's valuable loots as he claims to have robbed almost every rich household in the city. One day, Scipio is offered a deal by a mysterious man to steal a wooden wing from someone. The man promises he would pay Scipio very finely for successfully stealing the wing. This caused the kids in the group to become very excited and they wanted to be apart of the robbery. However, before they carry out the robbery, they learn that Scipio is not a homeless boy like everyone thought he was. He was actually apart of an extremely rich family and has been stealing from his parents all along. This causes Scipio to be shunned from the group and the kids decide to carry out the contract with the old man by themselves without Scipio's help. As they are robbing the house for the wing, they are caught by the owner of wing. This woman tells a story about where the wing was supposed to originate. A magical merry-go-round that if activated, will cause old people to become younger, and young people to get older. Eventually, the old man that wanted the wing goes onto the merry-go-round and becomes a boy and is substituted for Propser and Bo to their aunt who has been looking for them the whole time. Scipio is forgiven by the group, and he takes them to his real family this time.

I gave this book a rating of four stars because i thought this book was well written and had a good plot line. It had a lot of good imagery and taught many useful lessons. Some themes of the book might include identity, honesty, frinedship, and maturity. One good representation of the theme of maturity is with Prosper near the end of the book, "Problems don't just disappear because you've got older." These main themes are reflected in the book numerous times by Funke. These themes help make it a stong book.

Overall, I believe this book was targeted towards a younger audience. This book has many lessons that teach kids about basic values. There is a lot of content in the book that is centered aroud growing up, being honest, working together, etc. For instance, when Prosper and the others learn of Scipio's true identity, Prosper displays values that include honesty and true identity. "The Thief Lord was a little rich boy's game. And we were your fools." Prosper is taking a stab at Scipio because he feels like he has been betryaed by him.

In summary, this book was entertaining and a good read. It had many good lessons to teach with memorable central themes. However, I think this book is targeted towards a younger audience so it might not be as appealing to older people.
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