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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis
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Nov 30, 2011

did not like it

Here is Spider-man dying. It's hard to mess this one up since Spider-man has such a long legacy and having him die stirs up a lot of emotions by default! But this comic really falls short!

The Punisher is aiming his gun at Captain America... and Spider-man takes the bullet -- really? Captain America doesn't have body armor??? (Captain America did better against Thanos in the Infinity Guanlet when Thanos was invincible -- and now all of a sudden he is this defenseless puppy?) Spider-man can't dodge the bullet despite his spider sense??? Spider-man can't shoot his webbing at the Punisher's gun to divert it?

Norman Osbourne escapes from SHIELD??? Really??? They can't contain him? That's the whole purpose of SHIELD! And everyone else like Electro and Doc Oc are like right there in the same cell? Really??? And they get into a helicopter and fly away? Hasn't SHIELD heard of anti-aircraft missiles? So what does SHIELD do afterwards -- nothing at all? Really??? Way to go, SHIELD!

And fine, so Osbourne is super powerful or whatever, then why does he need Electro and the rest of the Sinister Six anyway? For moral support? Give me a doggone break! This comic is plain old stupid! And Doc Oc is really that dumb? He's dealing with a psychopath Osbourne and tries to reason with him? What happened Doc Oc? Did you forget to take your vitamins or something?

If you're going to kill someone like Spider-man, do it in style, Spider-man deserves more than this.
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